Microgage 2D Universal Linear Kit

Machinery & Assembly alignment kit - Checks straightness, flatness, squareness & other geometries.

Pinpoint Laser Microgage 2D Universal Linear Alignment System KitWhen your company is looking for the Swiss Army Knife of laser alignment kits but your latest project requires a focus on dual axis precision alignment, the Microgage 2D Universal Linear Kit steps up. Use this measurement kit for positioning machine guides and checking rail parallelism in the blink of an eye.

Pinpoint Laser Microgage 2D Universal Linear Alignment Kit

2D Universal Linear Kit

  • Microgage 2D Standard Kit
  • 4-Axis Precision Mount
  • 90-Line Right Angle
  • Precision Tripod Mount
  • Magnetic On/Off Mount
  • Computer Interface and Software

Similar to the Universal Kit, the 2D Universal Linear Alignment Kit allows for highly versatile ways to collect alignment data. With enhanced software and a user-friendly interface, the Universal Linear Kit makes learning the system simple. The customizable alignment accessories and the 4-Axis Precision Mount streamline the alignment process and increase the quality and volume of alignment data recorded.

In addition, the Universal Linear Kit comes with the 90-Line Right Angle increasing your team’s ability to capture precise parallelism, perpendicularity and squareness. Checking for runout on rotors and shafts or for surface planer has never been so intuitive.

Included with all kits

Every kit we offer includes these standard accessories and support packages.

Operations Manual

Details for setup & use provided in a booklet & on the Smart Display.

Adjustable Mount

Standard on/off magnetic mount for transmitter or receiver.

Carrying Case

Heavy-duty, durable case with protective foam inserts.

Product Support

Expert support from Pinpoint’s qualified, experienced engineers.

1-Year Warranty

Repair & replacement warranty for one year from date of purchase.

Adding various precision alignment accessories and attachments expands the capabilities of the Microgage 2D kits to address virtually any industrial measuring and alignment application.

  • What our customers say

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to complete my alignment and release the machine to production yesterday as planned. Without your help, we would be rescheduling the alignment and probably had major issues running production until that happened. Thanks again!

    Joe Gentile — PCI Services

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