Microgage PRO Advantages

Advantages & benefits of Pinpoint Laser's Microgage PRO system

Microgage PRO Laser Alignment System.

The most powerful portable measuring tool in the laser alignment system lineup, the highly compact Microgage PRO is precise to 0.0001 inches (2.5µ) and up to 180 feet (55 meters) and provides alignment updates in real time.


All Microgage PRO units ship with our industry-leading Smart Display

  • Touchscreen and keypad with multi-function buttons
  • Bright, easy to read color display
  • Battery operated (rechargeable and alkaline)
  • Operates off 120 VAC if desired.
  • On-screen step-by-step alignment instructions


Key advantages of using the Microgage PRO

  • Precise to 0.0001 inches (2.5 µ) at up to 180 feet (55 meters)
  • Free support from the very people who built your system
  • Connects easily to PC for data uploads and analysis
  • Easy to add software updates and user-specific applications
  • Easy to set-up and just as easy to use
  • Made in the USA


On-board processor handles measurement, recording & other functions instantly

  • Powerful microprocessor for computing and storage
  • Customized software modules configured to solve your application needs
  • Stores thousands of readings and notes
  • Operations Manual stored right in display


The Microgage PRO  is made to travel and built to last

  • Rugged design for years of industrial use
  • Durable carrying case with storage pockets included
  • Highly compact and portable
  • Wide variety of mounts and fixtures


Place the receiver units anywhere to measure your transmitter’s beam

  • Provides alignment update in real time
  • Multiple (4) receiver capability
  • Wireless Receiver option for 8 more receivers

Microgage PRO – Benefits that reach you and your customers

When your employees are equipped with a versatile and reliable laser alignment system, they are free to tackle any alignment and measurement need that pops up, no matter how large.

Keeping your machines, tools and assemblies precisely measured and aligned over long distances, with preventive care or after the problem strikes, will reduce machinery downtime, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce machinery installation time and give your team quality control without needing outside contractors.

Intimidated? Don’t be.

Versatility doesn’t mean too much flexibility for specific use. Pinpoint custom alignment systems and the custom alignment accessories are tailored to your specific project while the laser system’s integrity for scalability is maintained.

Standard dimensions on a single axis are measurable and adding other Microgage accessories enables your team to measure and align flatness, squareness, parallelism, bores, spindles and many other geometric parameters.

Powerful features doesn’t mean too expensive and lack of ease-of-use. Engineered to assure minimal repairs, the Microgage PRO is a durable, precise measurement system and it’s highly affordable, priced with an ROI making it possible for your business to increase profits fast.

Smartly-designed receivers are available in a variety of configurations, including wireless options for better range & durability and Pinpoint puts an emphasis on free technical support, helping us help you reach your customers and your bottom line.

The Microgage PRO color display is bright and easy to read and smartly engineered with a touchscreen and keypad with multi-function buttons. The Operations Manual is stored right in the display alongside storage space for thousands of readings and notes.

It comes with on-screen step-by-step alignment instructions and connects easily to PC for data uploads and analysis at your fingertips.

  • What our customers say

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to complete my alignment and release the machine to production yesterday as planned. Without your help, we would be rescheduling the alignment and probably had major issues running production until that happened. Thanks again!

    Joe Gentile — PCI Services

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