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Calibration & Repair Services

Certified calibration services often within 5 days

If you’re simply looking to maintain your laser alignment system’s efficacy or if you’re in the market for upgrading your laser measurement system, the Pinpoint Calibration Service Plan is a worthwhile investment for your business.

If one or more years have passed, your unit should be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, calibrated and possibly even repaired and updated with the newest release notes and software upgrades.

Don’t wait for problems and SNAFUs. Calibration at Pinpoint often takes fewer than 5 days, reducing your wait, your equipment downtime and your boss’ confidence in your ability to handle everything!

The Pinpoint Calibration Service Plan includes:

  • Complete inspection of laser system and all accessories
  • Recalibration of the laser transmitter to the receiver
  • Precise realignment
  • In-depth cleaning of products
  • Firmware updates for the display unit
  • Worn cable replacements and repairs (if needed) *

Additionally, you receive:

  • Report of findings
  • Certificate of calibration

And  it’s completed with the assurance that your alignment system and accessories will run optimally and your equipment lifecycle will be extended due to your proactive measures and Pinpoint’s highly-rated customer support.

Our alignment specialists will work with you to schedule an appointment and answer any questions you have about servicing your alignment system and the accessories.

To make your laser alignment system calibration appointment, call (978) 532-8001 or email our Calibration Department today.

* Additional charges may apply.

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