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Precision Angular Alignment

Angle Prism Application Very precise angular alignment measurements and adjustments in the range of 1 degree to 0.0001 degree are made simply and precisely with the Laser Microgage. This approach replaces cumbersome auto-collimations and traditional devices.

Typical angular alignment applications include

  • Adjusting x-ray and medical equipment
  • Aligning precision antenna arrays
  • Checking the flatness of surface plates
  • Monitoring angular runout on machine tools
  • Checking flange orientation to bores
  • Gearbox and drive system alignment
  • Periscope and telescope alignment
  • And more

How it’s done?

Laser measuring of small angles is easy because the laser is aimed at a mirror and the reflected beam is returned to the digital receiver sitting next to the laser. If the mirror changes in angle, the reflected beam coming back to the receiver will move twice as much. As the Microgage detector precisely measures this motion of the reflected beam the angular change is calculated.

Typically, the laser and Microgage receiver are mounted on a common plate and the Angle Measuring Prism is moved along the laser beam path to measure surface angles or rotated in place.

Products Needed

  • Laser Microgage 2D or 2000
  • Angle Measuring Prism
  • Laser and Receiver Mounting Plate

Useful Accessories

  • DCU-200 Computer Interface & Software
  • 4-Axis Precision Mount mount
  • Precision Tripod Mount
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