Microgage PRO: parallelism (169).

Parallelism Measurement

Establish parallel reference lines accurate to within 0.001 inch over considerable distances. Ideal for checking machinery, web and roll systems, and production equipment.

How it works

Microgage PRO: parallelism illustration.

For parallelism measurements, the 90-Line is moved sequentially along the laser path to create multiple reference lines, or planes, that are each square to the original laser reference line and parallel to each other. Along each of these individual square reference lines, the Microgage receiver takes a series of readings to see how that surface, shaft, track, or object is positioned relative to the square laser reference beam. The 90-Line is then moved to a new position, creating another square laser line, parallel to the last line, which measures the position of the next track, shaft, or surface.

Comparing your readings for each surface tells you precisely if the surfaces are out of parallel, by how much, and in which direction. By turning the nosepiece of the 90-Line or the 90-Line Square Plane, the laser can be directed upwards or downwards so that parallelism can be checked for items that do not lie in the same plane.

Additional Reading

Parallelism measuring demonstrated in steps:

Typical parallel measurement applications

  • Measuring and aligning rollers and web handling systems
  • Aligning precision tracks and guide rails
  • Installing gantry slides and router assemblies
  • Checking and aligning pallet loaders
  • Align unwind and take up roll sections

  • Measuring parallel edges
  • Aligning sprocket and drive systems
  • Checking columns on injection molding machines
  • And many other applications

Useful Accessories

  • 4-Axis Precision Mount
  • Precision Tripod Mount
  • DCU 2D interface for use with a laptop or PC
  • 2D Transparent Receiver

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