Laser Applications by Industry

Precision measurement & alignment products, used for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Pinpoint’s line of precision measurement and alignment products are used in many industries for a wide variety of industrial laser alignment applications. Some of our key customer industries are listed here. Contact us with your industry or application challenge and we would be pleased to work with you.

  • Aerospace

    The Pinpoint laser Microgage system is a proven laser alignment tool for the checking assembly, repair, service, and support of aerospace sub-assemblies and equipment.

  • Aircraft

    Pinpoint Laser's alignment systems are actively used in the aviation industry for aircraft assembly, maintenance, service and other key areas.

  • Electronics

    Installation & alignment of electronics & robotic systems. Pinpoint laser alignment products are on the electronics & manufacturing front, measuring & aligning equipment, assemblies & robotics.

  • Machine Tooling

    Laser alignment equipment for milling, turning & general machining. Pinpoint machine tool alignment products are used with machining centers, assemblies & production equipment.

  • Manufacturing

    Manufacturing machinery installation, operation, and maintenance. Pinpoint laser alignment products deliver exceptional manufacturing alignment precision for checking and realigning equipment.

  • Medical

    Medical capital equipment installation & maintenance. Pinpoint laser alignment products are used worldwide with of MRI, X-Ray, PET scanning systems, test equipment, and research devices.

  • Plastics

    Molding equipment & machinery installation, operation, and maintenance. Our precision laser alignment products monitor & align rubber & plastics production equipment.

  • Paper

    Mill equipment & machinery installation, operation & maintenance. Our precision pulp & paper laser alignment products reduce downtime, increase efficiency & lower maintenance.

  • Shipbuilding

    Laser alignment of ship sections, propulsion, onboard systems & more. Our shipbuilding alignment products are used with large steel hull plates, ship assembly & onboard systems.

Additional Industries

  • Automotive
  • Food & Packaging
  • Metal & Foundries
  • Military

  • Mining
  • Semiconductor
  • Utilities

Not on the list?

Contact us to discuss your project. We’re here to solve your measurement and alignment applications and issues. Get in touch with our engineers and tell us about your industry and application issue.

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