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Laser Alignment for Manufacturing

Laser alignment and measurement solutions for manufacturing machinery installation, operation, and general maintenance.

Manufacturing equipment runs long hours and needs to maintain critical alignment tolerances to meet the demanding requirements of today’s tight production schedules and quality demands. Pinpoint’s Laser Microgage line is easy to use, versatile for the wide needs of today’s manufacturing industry and delivers exceptional manufacturing alignment precision for checking and realigning your equipment.

Traditional optical techniques and pulling fishing line between parts of your machinery is a thing of the past. The Microgage provides a digital readout to quantitatively show you how your production machinery is aligned and the product helps guide your realignment effort to get the machinery back up on line quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, the Microgage is affordable and allows your manufacturing team to quickly and efficiently monitor the alignment health of your machinery.

Manufacturing Alignment Applications

  • Measuring runout on moving assemblies
  • Machine installations
  • Aligning extruder bores
  • Roller Alignment and Roll Alignment
  • Adjusting presses, shears, and indexers
  • Measuring deflection on machinery & assemblies
  • Aligning shafts and drive systems
  • Measuring travel errors on gantry equipment
  • Bore alignment
  • Checking rail & track parallelism
  • Aligning gearbox & bearing assemblies
  • Ram & piston alignment
  • Aligning extruder bores for rams & pistons

Manufacturing Alignment Customers

  • 3M Corporation
  • Bath Iron Works
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Boeing
  • Corning
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber
  • Phillips Lighting

Typical estimated industry savings: $89,364 per year with a 4 month ROI. To calculate your own savings, please visit our ROI Calculator.

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