Laser Alignment Applications

Industrial strength alignment solutions for all your applications.

Our Laser Microgage products are versatile and ready to go to work on all of your measuring and alignment projects. Unlike most available alignment systems, our products are designed for multitasking capabilities. Below is a list of typical industrial alignment applications.

  • Straightness & Linear Measurement

    Measuring straightness is easily done with the Laser Microgage and has a multitude of applications across industry.

  • Squareness & Perpendicularity Measurement

    Squareness & perpendicularity are measured by redirecting a laser beam with an optical device at precisely 90 degrees off an established path.

  • Parallelism Measurement

    Establish parallel reference lines accurate to within 0.001 inch over considerable distances. Ideal for checking machinery, web and roll systems, and production equipment.

  • Flatness & Planar Measurement

    A precision rotating base defines a flat plane of laser light for measuring surface flatness. A digital receiver provides precise surface profile.

  • Machine Leveling

    A laser beam extends over great distances. A built-in 10-arc-second precision level brings the beam into a level, horizontal orientation.

  • Runout Measurement

    Measuring runout on moving equipment and machine tools is easily performed with the Laser Microgage.

  • Spindle Alignment

    Laser spindle alignment is ideal for boring, milling, or any head and tailstock turning center equipment. A fast and accurate way to align spindles and lathes.

  • Bore Alignment

    Ideal for shaft placement, locating extrusion screws, positioning rams in press bores, and all other bore alignment applications.

  • Shaft Alignment

    Ideal for shaft placement, locating extrusion screws, positioning rams in press bores, and all other bore alignment applications.

  • Precision Angular Alignment

    Very precise angular alignment measurements and adjustments in the range of 1 degree to 0.0001 degree, simply and precisely.

Additional Applications

  • Locating gantry rails and cross bridges
  • Assembling long machinery runs
  • Adjusting roller and guide assemblies
  • Aligning bearings
  • Adjusting large web systems
  • Gauging large parts and assemblies

  • Aligning shafts and transmissions
  • Aligning turbines
  • Measuring structural and shaft deflections
  • Aligning belts and drive systems
  • Checking machinery clearance and wear

  • Adjusting frames and fixtures
  • Checking milling and cutting stations
  • Checking injection molding machines
  • Aligning stamping presses
  • Precision surveying

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