Roll alignment applications.

Roll Alignment

Roll Alignment can be easily and accurately done with our Laser Microgage System

How it works

Microgage PRO: roll alignment illustration.

A Pinpoint Laser Microgage system can be used as a roller alignment tool to perform precision alignment between paper mill rolls, metal forming equipment, multiple bearings along a shaft, machinery beds, and printing press rolls to name a few. The slightest misalignment can cause elements to work against one another resulting in mechanical wear, premature failures, and defective product. Pinpoint’s laser roll alignment system is the perfect tool to align rolls in both the vertical and horizontal orientation simultaneously.

The Laser Microgage is an ideal way to make quick, precise and quantitative measurements over a large machine with many rollers. With minimal practice, the laser measuring and alignment process becomes very quick, allowing plant personnel to optimize their roll and web systems on a regular basis and ultimately reduce machine wear, breakdowns, and lost production time.


Typical shaft alignment applications

  • Checking & setting roll parallelism
  • Adjusting rollers, idlers and guides
  • Replacing worn and damaged rolls
  • Profiling roll surfaces
  • Aligning sheet and extrusion lines
  • Measuring roll deflections
  • Adjusting coating and converting equipment
  • Checking web handling machinery

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