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Welcome to the Pinpoint Laser System’s Owners Portal, an exclusive space designed for Microgage owners like you. We pride ourselves in unparalleled customer support, where our dedicated team ensures you experience the unmatched customer support. Benefit from the vast knowledge of alignment specialists and engineers with over 30 years of expertise, providing invaluable insights to enhance your laser alignment system. Stay seamlessly connected to our expanding list of resources and real-time updates, catering to all your alignment requirements. Elevate your ownership experience with us as we enable you to get maximum value from your Microgage system, making precision alignment the hallmark of your journey.

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  • Eliminate potential downtime and repairs


We have developed these white papers and application notes to assist your team with the process of machine alignment. The white papers cover various applications and alignment projects that we hope will serve as examples on how your business can better use alignment and measurement techniques. In addition to best practices and examples, you will start to formulate rubrics for your own measurement and alignment processes. Be sure to bookmark this page to check easily for future whitepapers.


Alignment Tips For Production Equipment

Mud Pump Alignment

Roll & Web Alignment with a Laser Microgage

Aligning Spindles, Chucks, Tool Holders, and Tailstocks With a Laser

Alignment of a Reciprocating Ram for Bore Alignment Using a Laser Microgage

Laser Makes Run-Out Measuring a Snap

Microgage Alignment over Long Measuring Runs and Surfaces

Propeller Shaft Alignment with Microgage 2D Laser

Microgage Alignment For Dual Barrel Extruders

Laser Alignment For Tube, Shaft and Pipes

Laser Alignment For Rocket Launch Rails

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