Bore alignment applications.

Bore Alignment

Ideal for shaft placement, locating extrusion screws, positioning rams in press bores, and all other bore alignment applications.

How it works

The laser transmitter is placed outside the bore and the laser aimed so that the beam passes through the center of two datum areas along the bore path. Placing the Microgage receiver in the first bore datum allows you to measure the position of the laser beam from the top, bottom, left, and right of the bore surface. The receiver is then moved to the second bore datum and these measurements repeated.

The laser beam is then adjusted so that the beam passes through the center of each bore datum. Once this is established, you can check the position of multiple bore surfaces to the center line of the laser beam.

We also offer a number of cylindrical laser transmitters and receiver mounts that can be inserted right into bore tubes if needed.

Additional Reading

Typical bore alignment applications

  • Adjusting bar feeders and spindle alignment
  • Aligning propeller shafts
  • Positioning rudder posts
  • Aligning pistons in pump assemblies
  • Adjusting extrusion press rams in their boxes

  • Aligning screw drives in plastic and slurry extrusion mills
  • Periscope and precision antenna alignment
  • Other alignment applications

Components Needed

Useful Accessories

  • Precision Tripod Mounting
  • 4-Axis Precision Mount
  • Adjustable Magnetic Receiver Base
  • 90-Line Right Angle
  • DCU-200 Interface for use with a laptop or PC

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