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Laser Alignment for Helicopter Applications

Laser alignment and measurement solutions for helicopter assembly, maintenance, and service of helicopter drive shafts, turbine assemblies and more.

The Pinpoint Laser Systems Laser Microgage system is a powerful tool for aligning helicopter tail rotor drive shafts, gearboxes, and other sub-assemblies with unmatched precision and efficiency. A precision laser beam and an electronic receiver replace traditional piano wire and cumbersome fixtures for fast accurate alignment. Real-time feedback through the display or paired with our Capture software enables technicians to make immediate adjustments, ensuring components are aligned to exact specifications, thereby enhancing performance and safety. The Pinpoint Laser alignment systems versatility extends beyond helicopters to various industries, offering time and cost savings by streamlining the alignment process and providing valuable documentation for quality control and maintenance purposes.

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Laser Alignment System for Helicopter Tail Rotor Drive Shafts

Helicopter Alignment Applications

  • Helicopter Tail Boom Alignment
  • Engine Mount Alignment and Positioning
  • Placement & Alignment of Heads Up Display
  • Measure & Profile Rotor Assemblies
  • Align Helicopter Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Position Engine & Gearbox Mounts

Helicopter Alignment Customers

  • Sikorsky Aircraft
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Gas Tops Ltd.
  • Boeing Company
  • Agustawestland / Leonardo
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force

Typical estimated industry savings: $91,836 per year with a 3.9 month ROI. To calculate your own savings, please visit our ROI Calculator.

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