Machine tooling industry.

Laser Alignment Equipment for Machine Tooling

Laser alignment equipment for milling, turning, and general machining.

The machine tool industry depends upon precision machinery alignment to produce accurate parts, reduce tool wear, extend machinery life and ultimately to increase profitability. For more than 20 years, Pinpoint machine tool alignment products have been actively used for installing machining centers, checking travel on moving assemblies, assisting in the alignment of large sub-assemblies, measuring machine tool alignment and runout, providing preventative maintenance data, bringing damaged production equipment back on line and more.

Hundreds of Pinpoint machine alignment products are actively used in the machine tool industry and provide their owners with useful capabilities that drive new profits.

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Laser Alignment Equipment for Machine Tool Applications

  • Machine Tool Alignment Applications
  • Measuring runout on X, Y and Z axes
  • Aligning lathes and machining spindles
  • Squaring axes on milling equipment
  • Checking alignment on gantry cutters
  • Setting guides and ways for parallel travel
  • Checking lathe beds for straightness
  • Adjusting bar feeders and steady rests
  • Installing new machinery and subassemblies
  • Measuring runout
  • Lathe & spindle alignment
  • Checking bed & gantry travel
  • Adjusting Z axis squareness
  • Parallelism for guides & ways

Machine Tool Laser Alignment Equipment Customers

  • Barclay Machine Company
  • Behringer Saw, Inc.
  • CNC Auto-Motion
  • JLG Industries
  • Mueller Industries
  • Titanium Fabrication Corp.
  • Wyman Gordon Company

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