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How we approach engineering smart systems that solve our clients’ most demanding tasks.

Our Approach

Optimizing the way we do business means we can impact how you do business as well. Special attention is dedicated to your work environment, how you operate and when and/or how our systems will interact with your established process flow.

Learning your team’s application-specific approach to aligning systems, tools and machinery then allows us to recommend and demonstrate (via virtual and/or on-site demos) how our laser alignment tools and products can best be used to increase your speed to market, improve machinery and assembly productivity, reduce the cost of human capital and enhance your current team’s abilities.

Our customers will tell you their preferred Pinpoint Laser Systems advantage is the customer support – unrivaled locally and internationally.



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At Pinpoint, we understand the logistical and financial challenges involved in engineering and manufacturing, so we know what you’re up against. We specialize in high quality standard products, state-of the art customized solutions and a customer-oriented, expert team to support them.

Key Advantages

  • Our products are easy to use, easy to learn and highly versatile.
  • Portable and compact, this equipment can easily go wherever you need to use it.
  • We offer an extensive range of alignment accessories, providing ready made options for working with your particular needs.
  • Our alignment products are specifically engineered to increase profits and reduce costly downtime for industrial manufacturers.
  • The intelligent design efficiently eliminates misalignment issues, resulting in increased production quality and reduced scrap.


  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • All products made of solid, machined metal, glass opitics, durable housings
  • Hand assembled and inspected for quality
  • Built to last years of industrial use
  • No plastic parts here – built to last, you can rely on your investment for years to come for the most demanding applications.
Pinpoint Quality

Legendary Support and Responsiveness


We invite you to compare our products and reputation. What sets us apart is our commitment to our customers who we work with one-on-one in a trusted partnership. From the moment you contact us, to years after you purchased our products, we will stand behind you when you need us. Pinpoints product line and over 50 accessories are to get the job done. Our enginnering team can work with you, if needed, to create machinical fixtures, turn key solutions, and software for your most demanding needs and projects. Found in factories across the world, Pinpoint laser alignment systems are considered standard equipment in many manufacturing facilities.

Convinced yet? Shop with confidence, knowing your business gets the Pinpoint Advantage We are available when you need us, providing all the information you need to research, purchase and use your laser alignment system – take advantage of its capabilities!

Our product teams are committed to creating & crafting reliable equipment that suits your business needs. Our high-performance laser alignment & measurement systems simplify your alignment process.

Easy to Use

Simple to setup and easy-to-use. Each measurement system is designed to get right to work – out of the box and on the job. No complex training needed here! Pinpoint products are not only easy to use but are easy to customize and even easier to upgrade down the road. The Microgage laser alignment system is the last measurement tool you will ever need.


To help you go anywhere in the factory or on the grounds to do the job with ease, all Pinpoint solutions are designed to keep comfort grip and portability in mind. Each system comes in its own U.S.A. made, hard shell, waterproof, compact case to have at hand when emergencies strike. The inverted diamond foam interior, customized to hold your system, makes for quick packing and quick disassembly. No muss, no fuss.


A flexible tool is your ally when you’re in a pinch. Built to handle most of your alignment tasks, Pinpoint provides products capable of capturing precision measurement data that will exceed your expectations. Perform a wide variety of applications regardless of your experience with laser alignment helps, high rated tech support and when you add customizable accessories. No stopping, no waiting.


Valuable products seem easier to work with when you get them for a reasonable price. The customizable alignment and measurement systems offered are durable and clever without blowing your budget. Rack up the savings in avoided downtime, reduced scrap and efficient machine maintenance. With an impressive ROI, this product often pays for itself in just a few short months. No debt, no failure and no embarrassment at the office.


We stand behind you and with you. Every Pinpoint customer enjoys unlimited email and phone support. We are available when your assemblies and machines need work or simply when you are preparing to avoid machine burnout and process misalignment. Online video training by alignment specialists and even on-site training are available if needed. No falling through the cracks and no negligence here!


A range of technologies are available for OEM applications, and Pinpoint’s engineering staff is available to configure custom alignment laser solutions to meet your needs. Our proven engineering designs and current purchasing volume for Pinpoint components allow for cost-effective pricing on OEM subsystems.

We are here to help. Product Specialist and engineers are available 8 am- 5 pm EST via phone: (978) 532-8001

You can also reach us via Live Chat or email.

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