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Ideas to consider when selecting a precision measuring and alignment system

Customers have asked us about the follow items and these may be helpful for you as you investigate the suitability of a laser measuring and alignment system for your application.


  • Measurement resolution or sensitivity needed:
  • Measurement accuracy needed:
  • Measurement units you would like to use: inches, millimeters, degrees, arc seconds?
  • Measurement distance, highest to lowest reading:
  • Measurement area, how big is your machine? Length? Width?  Height?
  • Measurement output; numerical display, graphical, spreadsheet, computer?
  • Describe alignment or measurement to be made:
  • Number of axes for the measurement; X, Y, Z, and/or Pitch, Yaw, Roll? Other?
  • How is the alignment or measurement currently made?
  • Tell us about the measurement environment; indoors / outdoors, high heat or cold, vibration, other?
  • Is the machinery or application easy to access? Ground level, ladders, confined spaces, dangerous spaces, obstructions?
  • How is measurement or alignment data to be collected? Computer, data acquisition system, closed-loop control?
  • How fast do you need data? Readings per second, minute, hour?
  • How can equipment be mounted or supported in your application? Mounts and fixtures, tripods, flat machine surfaces?
  • Is leveling or adjusting to gravity important?
  • Are precision levels and measuring devices currently used in your application?
  • Is battery power okay? Availability of AC power:  120/240 VAC?
  • Do you use specific procedures & methods for your measurements and alignments?
  • Is a portable measuring or alignment system important to you?
  • How many different people might be using a measurement or alignment system?
  • Does your measurement or alignment team have experience with lasers?
  • Does your measurement and alignment application include shafts and gearboxes?
  • Does your measurement and alignment application include long linear travel?
  • Does your measurement and alignment application include bores and collars?
  • Does your measurement and alignment application include flat structures?
  • Does your measurement and alignment application include parallel in square structures?

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