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Pinpoint Laser Systems stands as a leading provider of laser measurement tools and systems, distinguished by unparalleled expertise in precision measurement. With a commitment to accuracy and reliability, the company has earned its leading position by consistently delivering high-accuracy solutions tailored to diverse industries. Pinpoint’s cutting-edge technology ensures meticulous alignment and measurement in applications ranging from medical devices to aerospace, setting an industry standard for precision.

The company’s dedication to innovation is evident through continuous advancements in its product line, offering state-of-the-art alignment equipment that meet and exceed the demanding requirements of modern applications. Pinpoint Laser Systems’ reputation for precision extends beyond products to encompass comprehensive support and industry-leading knowledge, solidifying its status as the preferred choice for those seeking uncompromising accuracy in laser measurement tools and systems.

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Types of Precision Measurement Tools

Pinpoint Laser Systems, showcased through products like the Laser Microgage PRO Plus, Laser Microgage 2D, and Laser Microgage 2000, epitomizes excellence in precision measurement technology. The Laser Microgage PRO Plus offers advanced features with all new digital receivers for intricate alignment tasks, as well as an onboard processing unit providing unmatched real time data and reporting. The Laser Microgage 2D stands out as a the robust workhorse and our entry model into axes measurement, catering to complex alignment challenges. The Laser Microgage 2000 is our single axis alignment system, with its robust design, excels in large-scale machinery alignment. All these products exemplify Pinpoint’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge laser measurement solutions, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability across various industrial settings.

Solutions for Diverse Alignment Applications

Pinpoint Laser Systems’ products, meticulously designed for adaptability, can be customized to address a broad spectrum of alignment tasks. From verifying the runout of extended slides to squaring up substantial machinery, Pinpoint’s solutions offer tailored precision. The flexibility in our product line ensures that users can achieve optimal performance in diverse applications, meeting the unique alignment requirements of tasks both large and intricate. This adaptability marks Pinpoint Laser Systems as a reliable choice for precision measurement solutions across a variety of industries.


Precision Laser Applications for all Industries


Pinpoint Laser Systems, distinguishes itself by offering versatile and advanced laser measurement solutions adaptable to any industry. Their products showcase a remarkable flexibility, accommodating diverse applications with precision and ease. Whether in aerospace, medical, or manufacturing sectors, Pinpoint’s cutting-edge technology ensures seamless integration, providing users across industries with a comprehensive and adaptable solution for their specific alignment and measurement needs.


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