Laser Microgage 2D

Two dimensional laser measuring and alignment in an easy to use, versatile and affordable package.

2D Laser Alignment System

The Microgage 2D laser alignment tool can be adapted to a wide variety of industrial measuring and alignment requirements. Each receiver measures in two axial directions (X & Y) and can be used for checking straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness, bores, spindles, and other alignment needs.

How It Works

Capture precise measurements as small as 0.0001 inch (2.5 micron). The easy to use Microgage 2D laser transmitter and electrical receiver can be separated by a few inches up to 150 feet for large industrial projects. A highly collimated, low power laser beam is projected from the end of the laser housing. The electronic receiver picks up the laser beam allowing the display to provide a digital readout showing the height and lateral position of the laser beam. If the laser transmitter and receiver are resting on a common flat surface, the display will read zero. If the transmitter or the receiver is then raised off the surface, or moved side to side, the differential position will then be displayed. Combining the laser and receiver with various optics and mounting accessories allows the Microgage laser alignment tool to measure all sorts of two dimensional alignment parameters.

The Microgage 2D begins with a basic laser alignment kit that is compact, versatile and easy to use. Adding various precision alignment accessories and attachments expands the capabilities of the Microgage 2D to address virtually any industrial measuring and alignment application.

2D Display

Make work quicker with this handy portable display

The color coded unit with multi-function buttons expands the options for geometric alignment. Measurements as small as 0.0001 inch are shown on a sleek, compact display with attached metal handle. The flip top monitor provides measurement readings using a multi-function keypad built directly into the metal base, delivering a flexible and shatter-proof way to retrieve measurement results.

Digital Receiver

The industrial strength way to send measurement data

This compact optical receiver accepts the laser reference beam from the low power laser transmitter, sending measurement readings to the digital display from a solid aluminum housing unit with convenient mounting holes. The X-Y position of a sub-assembly or machine is captured vertically or horizontally.

2D Accessories

Add-on accessories bring efficiency and accuracy to new levels

The Pinpoint Microgage 2D is the go-to laser alignment tool for bringing machine geometries in reach through highly precise measurements.  Check for straight & linear, flat & planar, square & level, parallel & bore or lathe & spindle in applications like machinery maintenance, installation projects and equipment repair.

Capture™ Software

Alignment data that makes sense

Pinpoint’s proprietary measurement software Capture™ gives easy access to your equipment and production performance details. The Windows-based package analyzes, organizes and stores industrial production data right to your PC, allowing your team to focus on machine performance and alignment tasks. The alignment software comes on-board the 2D display module and works with up to 8 receivers. Pre-installed routines and built-in instructions interface cleanly with Excel and other packages and programs.

2D Components

3 key components: 2D laser transmitter, digital receiver & display

Both laser transmitter and receiver are machined with a flat aluminum base, sides and several customizable mounting points for a simplified alignment process. The laser beam is parallel to the base and sides of the transmitter housing. The alignment data is sent to the multi-function, easy to use display module, which shows the precise measurements – with resolution as small as 2.5 micron.

2D Customization

Flexibility and versatility brought to your work space.

Customized to virtually any specifications, each laser measurement system can be engineered for your particular needs and configured to assist in your specific project or application. Quality comes first so each alignment solution is tailored to your environment and the custom accessories needed. Parts available for customization include the laser transmitters, OEM receivers, mounts and even the pre-configured alignment software.


The Microgage 2D is highly precise and powerful yet easy to use. The laser system includes user instructions and an owner’s manual. However, it’s Pinpoint’s technical support team that has taken this alignment tool to a new level. Help is available to any member of your team – for free! Contact our engineers when and if you need it.

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