Aircraft industry.

Laser Alignment for Aircraft Applications

Laser alignment for aircraft assembly, maintenance, and service.

Pinpoint Laser Alignment Systems are actively used in the aviation industry for aircraft assembly, maintenance, service and other task areas. The large geometries typically found on aircraft, coupled with the tight tolerance of fitting parts and assemblies, makes laser alignment and Pinpoint’s Laser Microgage line an ideal choice.

Pinpoint’s laser alignment tools can be used for assembling and maintaining commercial airliners, helicopters, private aircraft and military aircraft. The precision and versatility of the Laser Microgage has led to its strong acceptance as a measuring and laser alignment tool for aircraft sub-assemblies such as engines, wing assemblies, rotor blades and other systems.

Aircraft Alignment Applications

  • Wing Flap Support Alignment
  • Alignment of Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Helicopter Tail Boom Alignment
  • Engine Mount Alignment and Positioning
  • Align Cargo Door Hinges
  • Placement & Alignment of Skin Panels
  • Setting and Aligning Wing Assembly Fixtures
  • Measure & Profile Wing & Rotor Assemblies
  • Align Helicopter Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Align Wing Flap Assemblies
  • Position Engine & Gearbox Mounts

Aircraft Alignment Customers

  • Airbus Industries
  • Boeing Company
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Field Aviation Co.
  • Gas Tops Ltd.
  • Lockheed
  • Northrop Grumman
  • U.S. Air Force

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