Pinpoint Capture™ Software

Pinpoint Capture™ Software

In our ongoing effort to continuously add value to our customer’s systems, Pinpoint laser systems has application-specific data routines for our Capture™ software. These Capture™ routines are designed to aid Microgage users by streamlining the process of performing specific data analysis and calculations for applications, including straightness, bucking in, parallelism, and many others.

These routines are available for download and use for all Microgage users. If you don’t see an application relevant to your alignment or measurement needs, let us know! We are always creating specific applications for our customers based on their need and we can create a routine for you. View the Capture™ routines below to learn more about each application specific data routine.

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Straightness Data Routine

  • Measuring straightness of long machine beds
  • Checking for runout on moving slides, tables and stages
  • Measure bend and profiles in tracks and guide rails
  • Shaft and drive alignment
  • Positioning bearings and shaft supports over long runs
  • Monitoring surface deflections and bending in long structures
  • Aligning long rail and track sections

Spindle Data Routine

  • Check and align lathes and turning centers
  • Position and adjust opposing spindles
  • Measure alignment of boring mills
  • Position and adjust precision bar feeders
  • Other related alignments

Flatness Data Routine

  • Checking machine beds
  • Profiling surfaces and assemblies
  • Measuring runout in gantry and machine tools
  • Aligning roller and web systems
  • Setting tracks, rails, and guides in place
  • Checking flanges and circular planes
  • Positioning machinery and equipment

Parallel Data Routine

  • Measuring and aligning rollers and web handling systems
  • Aligning precision tracks and guide rails
  • Installing gantry slides and router assemblies
  • Checking and aligning pallet loaders
  • Align unwind and take up roll sections
  • Measuring parallel edges
  • Aligning sprocket and drive systems

Squareness & Perpendicularity Data Routine

  • Squaring machinery and equipment
  • Aligning the Z axis of machine tools
  • Belt, gear and sheave alignment
  • Checking parallelism of tracks and assemblies
  • Aligning gantry rails and cross bridges
  • Squaring machine guides and pallet loaders
  • Adjusting moving actuators and drilling systems

Bore Alignment Data Routine

  • Adjusting bar feeders and spindle alignment
  • Aligning propeller shafts
  • Positioning rudder posts
  • Aligning pistons in pump assemblies
  • Adjusting extrusion press rams in their boxes
  • Aligning screw drives in plastic and slurry extrusion mills
  • Periscope and precision antenna alignment

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