Custom solutions.

Custom Alignment Equipment

Pinpoint has worked with many customers developing special solutions to their particular applications and product needs.

A range of technologies are available for OEM applications, and Pinpoint’s engineering staff is available to configure custom alignment laser solutions to meet your needs. Our proven engineering designs and current purchasing volume for Pinpoint components allow for cost-effective pricing on OEM subsystems.

We have many accessories that can be combined to provide the best custom alignment laser solution for your application needs. To find out more about developing a specific application solution, please contact our engineers here at Pinpoint.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Engineering for full system design
  • Customized laser light sources
  • Design modifications for receiver housings
  • Engineering for fixtures & mounts
  • Optical system design
  • Software design & development
  • Data analysis & routines
  • OEM sub-system development
  • Sheave and pulley alignment systems
  • Bore alignment products
  • Profiling systems
  • Precision angle positioning
  • Runout and alignment checking systems

Sample, Custom Applications

  • Alignment Of Helicopter Engines
  • Checking The Runout On Turbo Fan Engine Parts
  • Precise Bore Positioning For Aircraft Control Surfaces
  • Monitoring Long-Term Movement And Hydroelectric Dams
  • Aligning Injection Nozzles To Bottle Forming Molds
  • Aligning Helicopter Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Shaft Positioning And Alignment For Hydroelectric Dams
  • Positioning Of Rails And Cross Bridges For Large Gantries
  • High Precision, Sub Arc-Second Flatness Measuring
  • Alignment Of Transfer Carriages In Plasma Furnaces
  • Wind Turbine Blade Profiling
  • Deflection Of Structural Components On Ships
  • Verifying Seam Straightness Prior To Robotic Welding
  • Civil Engineering Measurements Of Ground Loading Capacity
  • Aligning Crankshafts Multi-Bore Engine Blocks
  • Locomotive Generator And Gearbox Alignment
  • Tug And Workboat Z Drive Propulsion Alignment
  • Aligning And Positioning Glass Fiber Pulling Towers
  • Checking Misalignment On Injection Molding Equipment
  • Aligning Fuel Transfer Tubing In Aircraft Wings
  • Position And Alignment Checking For Robotic Transfer Systems
  • Locating And Orienting Large Superconducting Magnets
  • Checking And Aligning Robotic Load & Unload Stations
  • Precise Measuring Of Rail And Track Linearity
  • Positioning And Alignment Of Turbo Fan Engines On Helicopters
  • Submarine Anchor Bollard Alignment
  • Aligning Extruders For Molten Titanium
  • Verifying Linearity On Rocket Launch Ramps
  • Precise Bore Alignment For Armaments
  • Driveshaft To Stuffing Box Alignment On Ships
  • Aircraft Landing Gear Strut Alignment
  • Robotic Arm Movement And Tracking
  • Adjusting And Aligning Roll Forming Mill Stations
  • Monitoring Roll Deformation And Damage
  • Evaluating Deflection And Run Out In Drive Shafts &Ptos
  • Electric Generator Stater Alignment
  • Flange And Coupling Alignment For Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Measuring Long Lathe Bed Deflections
  • Alignment Of Precision Radar Components

What our customers say

One thing that stands out and has been commented on by all who have seen the equipment is its design and build quality. It is a beautifully engineered and built piece of equipment, which is a pleasure to use. Well Done!

Nenad Sarcevic — Airbus UK

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