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Laser Alignment for Rubber & Plastics

Laser alignment and measurement solutions for molding equipment, machinery installation, operation and overall maintenance.

Pinpoint Laser Systems understands the many challenges faced by the Rubber & Plastics industry. Our easy-to-use, precision rubber and plastics laser alignment products allow you to monitor and align equipment without relying on expensive outside vendors. Our dedicated staff can assist you in providing product specifically designed to help solve production problems and optimize your workflow.

Rubber & Plastics Laser Alignment Applications

  • Extruder bore alignment
  • Platen flatness
  • Roll and web alignment
  • Roll profiling
  • Platen-to-platen parallelism
  • Tie-bar squareness
  • Aligning roller & web systems
  • Adjusting slitters, idlers & rollers
  • Align unwind & take up roll sections
  • Align extruder screws & barrels
  • Injection molding

Laser Alignment Molding Customers

  • Da/Pro Rubber
  • FLEXcon
  • GE Plastics
  • Pactiv Corporation
  • Strongwell
  • Zeus Industrial Products
  • Solutia

Typical estimated industry savings: $88,188 per year with a 4.1 month ROI. To calculate your own savings, please visit our ROI Calculator.

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