Medical industry.

Laser Alignment for Medical Equipment

Medical capital equipment installation & maintenance.

Medical scanning equipment has made great technological advances in the past two decades. Pinpoint medical alignment laser products are used worldwide for installing, aligning and optimizing the performance of MRI, X-Ray and PET scanning systems. In addition to medical scanners, Pinpoint units have been used to align test equipment, install research devices and many other uses.

Laser Alignment Medical Applications

  • Aligning patient tables
  • Positioning scanner assemblies & rings
  • Measuring flatness & planer detector assemblies
  • Installing scanner equipment & assemblies
  • Measuring runout on moving assemblies
  • Machinery runout on moving scanners
  • Positioning detector & emitting assemblies
  • Installing scanning equipment

Medical Laser Alignment Customers

  • Applied Bio Systems
  • Boston Scientific
  • GE Medical, Inc.
  • Hitachi Medical Systems America
  • Honeywell International, Inc.
  • Siemens Medical Solutions

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