Microgage PRO: squareness.

Squareness & Perpendicularity

Squareness & perpendicularity are measured by redirecting a laser beam with an optical device at precisely 90 degrees off an established path.

How it works

Microgage PRO Plus: squareness illustration.

The 90-Line is placed into the laser beam path and redirects the laser beam off at a precise right angle from the original laser beam. The 90-Line has an internal optical element called a penta-prism that reflects the laser at precisely 90 degrees to the incoming laser beam, regardless of the orientation of the 90-Line housing. Squareness Measurements are made by first aligning the laser to a central machine axis or along a reference path.

Placing the 90-Line into the laser path redirects the laser beam off at a right angle so that other assemblies can be positioned and aligned squarely to the original laser path. The nosepiece of the 90-Line will also turn so that you can direct the laser through a full plane that is perpendicular to the original laser path. Several 90-Lines can be used in combination to redirect the laser around an alignment area.

Additional Reading

Video Overview

Squareness measuring demonstrated in steps:

Typical squareness measurement applications

  • Squaring machinery and equipment
  • Aligning the Z axis of machine tools
  • Belt, gear and sheave alignment
  • Checking parallelism of tracks and assemblies
  • Aligning gantry rails and cross bridges
  • Squaring machine guides and pallet loaders

  • Adjusting moving actuators and drilling systems
  • Squaring stacked linear stages
  • Adjusting slitters, idlers and rollers
  • Squaring cross cutting systems and guides
  • And many other geometric alignment needs

Components Needed

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Useful Accessories

  • Precision Tripod Mount
  • 4-Axis Precision Mount — for aligning the laser
  • Leveler Rotational Mount — for aligning the laser
  • DCU-200 Computer Interface & Software
  • Roll Mount for checking rollers and web systems
  • Adjustable Magnetic Mount

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