Laser Microgage 2000

Single-axis precision laser alignment and measurement system made to be intuitive, versatile and affordable.

Laser Microgage 2000.The Microgage 2000 is the most adaptable alignment tool that maintains high precision measurement data while sitting in the palm of your hand. Built with versatility in mind, the Microgage 2000 can functions in an array of ways giving it value to any business or industry worker that favors simplicity brought to tedious alignment tasks. It quickly becomes an essential part of the way your team measures.

How It Works

Modern measuring is no harder then extending your arm with Pinpoint’s 2000. Simplifying your laser alignment process, the Microgage 2000 bridges the gap between how your business used to measure and how you should measure now. Because measuring with the 2000 is as simple as aligning with a tape measure or piano wire, your team is able to get top-notch results minus the sag and faulty “accuracy” given my inferior measurement tools.

The laser transmitter projects a thin line of laser light to a digital receiver and a display for measuring displacement. Measurements as small as 0.0001 inch are displayed and the laser and receiver can be separated by as much as 120 feet for large industrial projects.

Ingenuity and portability have never turned out so well.


3 primary components: 2000 laser transmitter, digital receiver & digital display

The laser housing contains a flat, machined aluminum base while a variety of mounting points are custom drilled into the sides. A collimated laser beam projects from the end of the laser housing unit, running parallel to the base and sides of the housing. A receiver picks up the laser beam allowing the handheld display to provide a digital readout showing the position of the laser beam on the receiver. If the laser transmitter and receiver are resting on a flat surface, the display will read zero. If the transmitter or receiver is raised off the surface, the differential position will then be displayed.

Digital Display

The crystal clear LCD display puts heavy-duty data in the palm of your hand

The strong yet lightweight t- shaped aluminum display is the easiest alignment system to appreciate in an industrial toolkit. Any member of your team will appreciate the convenience offered by what looks and feels like a high tech, shatter-proof gadget but functions as a highly sophisticated laser alignment system that retrieves a measurement resolution of 2.5 micron. The superior engineering behind the Microgage 2000 has stood the test of time, having been a staple in the marketplace for over a decade.

Compact Receiver

Exact measurement data captured with modernity without sacrificing common sense

This ultra-compact digital receiver is more than simply a micro accessory. It makes measuring displacement a lot easier. Combining the laser transmitter and the lightweight receiver with various optics and mounting accessories allows the Compact Receiver to measure a number of alignment parameters and take on just about any alignment task. Bore alignment and rudder posts positioning are two examples of tasks that could be easily streamlined for your team.


Light, lean and whatever else it takes to get your alignment work done

Pinpoint’s Microgage 2000 alignment accessories go the extra mile to remove the pain from your alignment work. There are customizable fixtures for virtually all your alignment needs.  Looking for parallel and bore alignment? There are several alignment accessories that will allow your team to collect these and other geometric parameters in a snap.  Uncertain if there are systems and alignment accessories for applications beyond straightness and linear? Rest assured that the more focused lathe and spindle alignment applications are just as easy to measure with Pinpoint’s products.

Capture™ Software

Alignment data captured & used with pride

The Windows-based alignment software package is Pinpoint’s answer to retrieving production performance data faster and more efficiently. With the ability to analyze measurement data in a way that results in better organization and production data storage, your team spends less time on distracting tasks and more time on machinery performance. The alignment software comes on-board the 2000 display and works with several PC packages and programs like Excel. The pre-installed routines and built-in instructions are customer favorites, having saved the pride of a multitude of professionals.


Select the Right System. Then Make it Yours.

There’s an alignment system for every project and everyone but it’s how the system works for you that really matters. Pinpoint has number of laser alignment models and alignment kits from which to choose. With interchangeable accessories, there are few limits and many options to retrieve the data you need. Require something custom made? Pinpoint’s engineers are capable or configuring many measurement systems to spec. All parts are OEM and made in the U.S.A.


The Microgage 2000 is easy enough to use blindfolded. However, the laser alignment system includes simple to follow instructions and an owner’s manual just in case. If you find yourself in a pinch, don’t panic. Pinpoint’s technical support staff is the most notorious in our industry. This Free Support is available to your team and all you have to do is let our alignment specialists know what you think you need. We help your team figure out the rest.


Discover an Alignment System that works as hard as your business does

  • What our customers say

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to complete my alignment and release the machine to production yesterday as planned. Without your help, we would be rescheduling the alignment and probably had major issues running production until that happened. Thanks again!

    Joe Gentile — PCI Services