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Laser Alignment for Pulp & Paper

Laser alignment and measurement solutions for maintaining roll and web alignment, adjusting slitters, idlers & rollers and more.

Pinpoint Laser Systems has been supplying the Pulp & Paper industry easy-to-use, precision pulp and paper laser alignment products for over 20 years. We share a common goal in helping companies reduce downtime, increase efficiencies and lower maintenance costs. We work closely with our customers to insure the products we supply work specifically to solve their alignment needs.

Pulp & Paper Laser Alignment Applications

  • Roll and web alignment
  • Head box alignment
  • Fourdrinier and wire/felt roll alignment
  • Press roll alignment
  • Roll profiling
  • Roll and crown checks
  • Calender and king roll alignment
  • Winder alignment
  • Aligning roller & web systems
  • Adjusting slitters, idlers & rollers
  • Align unwind & take up roll sections

Pulp & Paper Laser Alignment Customers

  • Domtar Paper
  • Heidelberg Web Systems
  • Monadnock Mills
  • Max Daetwyler Corporation
  • American Eagle Paper Mills
  • Appleton Papers
  • Georgia Pacific
  • International Paper

Typical estimated industry savings: $88,908 per year with a 4 month ROI. To calculate your own savings, please visit our ROI Calculator.

What our customers say

We have been using your equipment regularly to align our scanners for the last 4 years with excellent results! After using them we actually wonder how we could align our scanners without this tool! This has indeed helped us to improve our sensor measurement accuracy many fold.

Maish Garg — Jasch Industries Ltd.

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