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Cutting Edge Alignment Systems

Pinpoint Laser Systems stands at the forefront of precision measurement solutions with their cutting-edge products. The Laser Microgage PRO Plus, a flagship offering, epitomizes accuracy, offering up to 0.001 measurements for unparalleled precision in industrial alignment. Featuring advanced functionalities tailored for intricate alignment tasks, the Laser Microgage PRO Plus is our flagship alignment system that ensures unparalleled accuracy across a spectrum of applications.

The Laser Microgage 2D possesses the ability to concurrently measure two perpendicular axes, effectively addressing the complexities of alignment challenges. Meanwhile, the Laser Microgage 2000, characterized by its robust easy to use design, excels particularly in the precise single axis alignment of large-scale machinery. Each product within the Pinpoint Laser Systems lineup is meticulously crafted to meet specific demands, offering unparalleled precision and reliability in their respective domains of application.

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Pinpoint Laser Alignment Products

  • 2-axis measuring (X&Y)
  • Graphical user interface
  • Compatible with Capture™ software
  • Smart Display: hi-def color, touchscreen
  • Optional wireless capabilities
  • Measurements down to 0.0001-inch
  • Onboard processing and data storage
  • Compatible with up to 8 receivers
  • Measure distances up to 180 feet
2D Laser Alignment System
  • 2-axis measuring (X&Y)
  • Compatible with Capture™ software
  • LCD display screen with multifunction buttons
  • Measurements down to 0.0001-inch
  • Measure distances up to 150 feet
Microgage 2000 Universal Laser Alignment System
  • Single axis measuring
  • LCD display screen
  • Measurements down to 0.001-inch
  • Measure distances up to 120 feet
Laser Alignment Kits

Pinpoint has developed several popular kits that combine Laser Microgage systems with standard and customized components for particular measuring and alignment tasks. These optimized kits include mounting hardware, components, software applications for recording, computing and analyzing readings, detailed instruction manuals and specialized support from Pinpoints’ team of application engineers.


Pinpoint offers a wide variety of accessories to expand the measuring and alignment possibilities for your Laser Microgage system. These accessories include mounts and fixtures, laser transmitter and receiver options, optical attachments, software enhancements and much more. In addition to the standard accessory items in this section, we have many additional accessory items that are not shown that might be perfect for your particular application.

custom laser alignment equipment

We’ve worked with many customers in developing and engineering special solutions to their specific applications and product needs. A range of technologies are available for OEM applications, and Pinpoint’s engineering staff is available to configure custom solutions to meet your needs.

Custom Alignment Solutions

Pinpoint Laser Systems boasts a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers ready to collaborate with clients on designing custom solutions tailored to their unique alignment needs. With a commitment to innovation, the team ensures that their expertise extends beyond standard offerings. Whether it’s refining existing products or creating entirely bespoke solutions, Pinpoint Laser Systems’ engineers collaborate closely with clients to address specific challenges, providing personalized assistance for optimal alignment processes. This commitment to customization reflects the company’s dedication to empowering clients with precision alignment tools that seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in alignment procedures.

High-Quality Precision Applications

Pinpoint Laser Systems is synonymous with high-quality precision in its tools, products, and kits. The company achieves this through rigorous engineering standards, cutting-edge technology, and a meticulous focus on calibration. Each tool is crafted with precision in mind, ensuring accuracy in alignment processes. Pinpoint’s commitment to quality extends to the materials used, the manufacturing processes employed, and the continuous refinement of their products. This dedication to excellence benefits clients by providing them with reliable, accurate, and durable solutions. Whether in manufacturing, aerospace, or any industry requiring precision, Pinpoint’s tools guarantee optimal performance, making them indispensable for clients seeking uncompromising accuracy in their alignment processes.

Pinpoint’s Global Presence

Pinpoint Laser Systems has solidified its presence as a trusted leader in the laser alignment industry, earning widespread acclaim across diverse sectors and countries. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to precision, Pinpoint’s solutions have become indispensable in industries spanning manufacturing, shipbuilding, and beyond. The company’s global footprint attests to its international recognition, with a proven track record of delivering reliable and accurate alignment tools. With a reputation built on trust and excellence, Pinpoint Laser Systems stands as a go-to choice for businesses worldwide, underscoring their pivotal role in advancing precision technology across borders and industries.

Why Choose Pinpoint Laser

Pinpoint Laser Systems distinguishes itself not only through superior laser measurement devices but also with an extensive product line of mounts and optics. This commitment to a broad range of accessories ensures compatibility with virtually any project, regardless of its scale or complexity. With Pinpoint Laser Systems, users gain not only top-tier measurement accuracy but also the adaptability to tackle a wide array of alignment challenges, making them a preferred choice in industries demanding precision and flexibility.

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