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Laser Microgage PRO, laser alignment system

Laser Microgage PRO

The Microgage PRO is the next generation in laser measuring and alignment tools. This extremely versatile measuring and alignment tool combines key features and capabilities into one portable, compact, easy to use, product for multiple industries. A precise laser beam forms a straight reference line for a machine or assembly and each receiver measures in two axial directions, horizontal and vertical (X & Y).

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Microgage 2D Laser Alignment System, industrial laser alignment

Laser Microgage 2D

The Microgage 2D can be adapted to a wide variety of industrial measuring and alignment needs. Each receiver measures in two axial directions (X & Y) and can be used for checking straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness, bores, spindles, and other alignment needs. Measurements as small as 0.0001 inch are shown on a large, easy to use, display and the laser and receiver can be separated by a few inches up to 150 feet for large industrial projects.

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Microgage 2000 Laser Alignment System, industrial alignment tools

Laser Microgage 2000

The Microgage 2000 can be adapted to a wide variety of industrial alignment and measuring needs. The laser transmitter projects a thin line of laser light to a digital receiver and a display for measuring displacement. Measurements as small as 0.0001 inch are displayed and the laser and receiver can be separated by as much as 120 feet for large industrial projects.

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Pinpoint Pro-Line laser alignment kit, industrial alignment products

Pinpoint Alignment Kits

Pinpoint has developed several popular kits that combine Laser Microgage systems with standard and customized components for particular measuring and alignment tasks. These optimized kits include mounting hardware, components, software applications for recording, computing and analyzing readings, detailed instruction manuals and specialized support from Pinpoints’ team of application engineers.

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Pinpoint Laser Systems alignment equipment accessories, laser alignment products

Laser Alignment Equipment Accessories

Pinpoint offers a wide variety of accessories to expand the measuring and alignment possibilities for your Laser Microgage system. These accessories include mounts and fixtures, laser transmitter and receiver options, optical attachments, software enhancements and much more. In addition to the standard accessory items in this section, we have many additional accessory items that are not shown that might be perfect for your particular application.

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Pinpoint Laser Systems' custom laser alignment solutions

Custom Laser Alignment Solutions

Pinpoint has worked with many customers developing special solutions to their particular applications and product needs. A range of technologies are available for OEM applications, and Pinpoint’s engineering staff is available to configure custom solutions to meet your needs.

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