Pinpoint is always bringing new innovations to the industrial marketplace.

For over 2 decades, our team at Pinpoint has listened closely to many very smart customers and experienced people in industrial companies and developed a comprehensive product line to meet and exceed their needs.

Laser Microgage PRO.

Innovation and building high quality, durable products are the reason for Pinpoint’s success and a growing family of industrial customers. Pinpoint’s core laser alignment products and accessories are not made of plastic but instead well engineered and machined from solid aluminum with stainless steel parts to provide years of dependable use in demanding industrial environments. Well-engineered glass optics are used on all our lasers, receivers, and accessories. High quality hardware, cabling, connectors and components are carefully selected for all our products.

The marketplace has seen more automated measuring products with internal motors, gears, cams, and self-adjusting optical mechanisms which require constant care and maintenance and tend to fail during that key alignment and measuring job. For this reason, Pinpoint has designed laser alignment products with fixed optics that are fused permanently into place, internal components that will not move, and provide reliable, accurate results every day.

New laser transmitters that work in compact locations and fit into small machinery will be available in the near future. The company’s vast collection of fixtures and mounts are the key to adapting a good measuring system to a variety of industrial tasks. New fixtures and accessories are continually in development and items for spindle and bore alignment will be available in the coming months.


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