Shaft alignment applications.

Shaft Alignment

Shaft Alignment can be easily and accurately done with our Laser Microgage System

How it works

Microgage PRO: shaft alignment illustration.

This alignment kit uses a laser mounted on machinery, a drive shaft flange, or an assembly and projects a laser reference beam along the shaft line. This reference beam can reliably travel up to 120 feet to an opposing shaft flange or gearbox for alignment. A digital receiver is then used with the reference beam to position bearings, shaft supports or other shaft assembly’s along this reference line. A digital display stores readings, runs computations, and be connected to a laptop or PC for storage and charting.

Typical shaft alignment applications

  • Aligning propeller shafts
  • Positioning rudder posts
  • Shaft and drive alignment
  • Installing helicopter drive shafts
  • Aligning engines in locomotives
  • Aligning turbine shafts in hydroelectric facilities
  • Adjusting drive shafts and gear boxes

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