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Laser Alignment for Building Materials

Laser alignment and measurement solutions for the construction and building materials manufacturing industry.

Through building booms and busts, Pinpoint Laser Systems has remained the leader in all aspects of the building materials and equipment industry. Offering our laser alignment and measurement systems and custom components, Pinpoint is dedicated to helping our customers increase their throughput, quality, and profitability by ensuring the validity of their equipment and processes. Across the global building materials sector and associated industries, Pinpoint will work with our customers’ design and engineering groups to create a custom laser alignment and measuring system to meet their specific needs.

Building Materials Alignment Applications

  • Flooring – Flatness and Planar
  • Assembly Line Alignment
  • Ceiling Tiles- Align conveyor rails and rollers used in a backing process for ceiling tiles
  • Equipment Leveling
  • Platform Maintenance
  • Roller Alignment and Roll Alignment

Building Materials’ Alignment Customers

  • Armstrong
  • Katerra
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Saint Gobain

Typical estimated industry savings: $87,996 per year with a 4.1 month ROI. To calculate your own savings, please visit our ROI Calculator.

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