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  • pinlaser-112-img

    Microgage 2-Axis Receiver

    A variety of additional receivers are available for use with the Microgage Systems. Options include: 1 inch, 0.75 inches, 0.5 inches and 3.0 inch and a variety of cylindrical receivers and other receiver designs. Pinpoint will also modify housings and receivers to fit your particular needs.

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  • 2D Transparent Receiver new one-piece design increases accuracy

    Microgage Transparent Receiver

    This receiver allows the laser reference beam to pass cleanly through to other receivers while making a precise pair of linear measurements. The position of this receiver is measured in real time to the centerline of the laser beam for precise measurements of machine tool motion and other industrial applications. The receiver’s housing is machined flat and square from solid aluminum with reference surfaces and mounting points for a variety of applications.

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    Microgage 4D Receiver

    This receiver provides a precise measure of its linear position and angular orientation to the centerline of the laser reference beam. Horizontal and vertical position are available to a precision of 0.0002 inch (5 micron) and angular pitch and yaw readings are precise to 0.005 degree or 15 arc-seconds. Receiver housing is machined flat and square from solid aluminum with reference surfaces and mounting points for a variety of applications.

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  • Disc Receiver

    Microgage 2-Axis Disc Receiver

    The Microgage 2-Axis Disc Receiver is compact and will fit into small places for bore alignment, checking extruder barrels, shaft bearings and much more. The method of operation is simple – a narrow laser beam provides a measuring reference line and this receiver will determine the X – Y position of a machine or sub-assembly relative to the laser reference beam.

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  • Microgage Wireless 2-Axis Receiver

    Microgage Wireless 2-Axis Receiver

    This receiver brings wireless convenience to your measurement and alignment process. Operating on two AAA batteries, this wireless receiver eliminates the risk of tangling cables and provides precise X-Y measurements to a precision of 0.0001 inch (2.5 µ). The durable machined enclosure has a number of mounting points for fixtures and mounts and quality optics and components insure years of reliable use in tough industrial settings. Designed for use with the Microgage PRO system.

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  • PRO Wireless Transparent Receiver new one-piece construction

    Microgage Wireless Transparent Receiver

    The wireless transparent receiver operates free of wires and connecting cables and provides precise X-Y measurement of the receiver relative to the centerline of the laser reference beam. The laser reference beam passes cleanly through the receiver’s housing, for the measurement, and extends on for use with other receivers. Multiple receivers can be used on the same laser reference beam. This wireless receiver operates on 2 AAA batteries and provides a measurement resolution of 0.0001 inch (2.5 µ) and will operate over a range of 100 feet or more from the display unit.

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  • Microgage 4D Receiver-Wireless

    Microgage 4D Wireless Receiver

    This wireless 4D receiver measures X-Y and their angular components Pitch and Yaw without the use of connecting cables. This wireless capability allows for measurements deep inside machinery and provides a measuring resolution of 0.0002 inch (5 µ) in X and Y and 0.005 degree or 15 arc-seconds in the angular, pitch and yaw, axes. Like all Pinpoint receivers, the 4D is housed in a solid aluminum machined housing with mounting points and quality components to provide years of durable use in tough industrial environments.

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  • Microgage Wireless Junction

    Microgage Wireless Junction

    This junction box is like a wireless extension cord for your Microgage receivers. One or two receivers plug directly into this junction box and a wireless signal transmits their measurement data to the Microgage PRO display. This junction box is an ideal solution for adapting a wired receiver to wireless use and longer-range operation. The junction box operates on 2 AAA batteries and is machined from solid aluminum with durable internal components for years of reliable use on your factory floor or in an industrial setting.

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  • Bore Receiver Only

    Microgage Bore Receiver

    The Microgage Bore Receiver is an innovative solution for precisely measuring the straightness of a tube or bore. It was developed to meet the demands of our industrial customers, many of whom utilize manufacturing equipment with precision bores that require flexible, precise bore alignment to improve quality and keep their machines running smoothly. The receiver is supplied with sets of interchangeable collars that are designed to precisely fit the bore inside diameter.

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  • pinlaser-147-img

    Enhanced 90-Line Right Angle

    The 90-Line is placed into the laser path and forms a precise right angle laser alignment beam that is ideal for squaring machinery, checking parallelism and other tasks. A precision screw adjustment allows for tight rotational control and locking.The 90-Line is ideal for working in a 2 dimensional area, the 90-Line Square Plane is best for 3 dimensional projects.

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  • pinlaser-115-img

    Microgage Laser Transmitter

    The Microgage Laser Transmitter produces a precise laser beam that forms a straight reference line for a machine or assembly and each receiver measures in two axial directions, horizontal and vertical (X & Y). The path of the laser beam can be a few inches long up to 180 feet and a Pinpoint Microgage display provides accurate readings as small as 0.0001 inch (2.5 micron).
    The Microgage Laser Transmitter can also be mounted on a variety of mounts and or tripods to ensure accurate readings in many industry settings.

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  • cylindrical lasers

    Cylindrical Lasers

    Several cylindrical lasers are available for use with the Microgage laser alignment kit and are ideal for bore and spindle alignment or in place of a traditional scope or autocollimator. These lasers are available in a variety of mounting diameters: .5″, .75″, 1″, 2.25″, including morse tapers, flange mounts, and more.

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  • pinlaser-115-img

    Precision 90-Line Square Plane

    The 90-Line Square Plane is an enhanced version of the 90-line for more demanding applications.  The square plan includes the 90-Line, an adjustment mount for positioning the 90-Line and a Microgage disk receiver for centering the laser beam. The square plane is best used for projects where the 90 degree beam will be turned through a full plane.

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  • Angle Prism Application

    Angle Measuring Prism

    Precise angular measurements and slope changes are measured with this prism. Angular readings as small as 0.0006 degrees or 2 arc-seconds are easily made with this prism. The housing has mounting points for attachment to various fixtures. The angle prism is ideal for finding very small, precise, angular deflections in machinery and it can be used to check surface plates.

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  • 2d-dcu-kit-large

    Precision Computer Interface Module

    Pinpoint Capture is a powerful, Windows-based, software program that couples with the Laser Microgage to display readings in real time, store saved readings, and perform complex analysis and computations. Users can select from a number of screen formats for viewing and displaying Laser Microgage readings. A built-in spreadsheet allows for additional computations, analysis, and charting. Pinpoint Capture is also used to upload stored readings from the Microgage display and also to provide software updates for Pinpoint display units.

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    Capture Add-On Modules

    Pinpoint provides a number of Pinpoint Capture user modules for computation of runout, bore alignment, spindle alignment, machine flatness and other geometric parameters. These modules pull readings directly from the Microgage Display, then calculate results and provide reports. Customized modules are available as well.

  • Smart Display App-web

    Microgage PRO Mini-Apps

    The Microgage Smart Display has an onboard microprocessor that will run user routines to calculate alignment results, store readings, and provide practical user feedback to assist in aligning machinery and equipment. The bright, color touchscreen allows the user to enter information and select options right on the factory floor for added convenience and efficiency.


  • pinlaser-148-img

    Vertical Roll Adjuster

    The Vertical Roll Adjuster provides a precise digital readout of a roll’s vertical orientation. The Roll Adjuster is easy to set up and simply placed onto the top of a master roller, drive shaft, or idler, and is held in place by a pair of V-legs or adaptable mounts.

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  • adjustable-microshim

    Adjustable Microshim

    The Microshim is a precision, machinery pad for adjusting height and leveling large and heavy production equipment. Height adjustments as small as 0.001 inch are made by an adjustment screw on the end. The Microshim delivers a working range of 0.50 inch with a load-carrying capacity of 10,000 pounds. This product is ideal for aligning machine tools, leveling surface plates, adjusting long production equipment, supporting heavy machinery, and much more. The kit includes four Microshim pads and adding a bonding agent freezes the pads in a permanent height.

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