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Pinpoint Laser Systems 3D Printing PPE Face Shields for Local Hospitals

Pinpoint Laser Systems is teaming up with builders, designers and engineers from across the region to join a worldwide movement of people using 3D printers to meet a shortage of face shields for hospital staff on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. As the now pandemic Coronavirus takes hold over the globe, we see countries […] Read more ›

Wireless Receiver Testing

Recent MG-Pro wireless testing has yielded some information that may be useful to users. Testing was initialized to determine the usable range for a wireless spindle alignment inquiry. The PLS MG-Pro wireless receiver series is usable only with MG-Pro systems. The Wireless function must be user-enabled for a MG-Pro Display to receive data from the […] Read more ›

preventative maintenance laser alignment

Laser Alignment for Preventative Maintenance

A laser alignment system is an ideal way to make quick, precise and quantitative measurements on machinery, eliminating much of the guesswork and subjectivity of traditional alignment techniques. And while laser alignment tools are beneficial in production, they are also great for preventative maintenance. Having an in-house laser alignment system enables employees to perform their […] Read more ›

calibrate laser alignment system, calibrate alignment system, alignment system calibration

Why Calibrate Your Laser Alignment System?

At Pinpoint Laser Systems each of our laser alignment systems, including the Microgage 2000, Microgage 2D and the Microgage PRO, are engineered and manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. Unlike other measurement and alignment products, the Pinpoint Microgage line is engineered without internal moving parts, motors, and components that can come out of adjustment. […] Read more ›

Pinpont Laser Owner Manual Training.

3 Advantages of In-House Laser Alignment

When you experience an alignment challenge on your production floor, you can face it two ways; hire and wait for an outside alignment contractor or fix it yourself. New, easy to use, laser alignment tools simplify and solve your alignment issues quickly and efficiently. In following up with our customers, we’ve learned about several advantages […] Read more ›

stem, robots by the c

Supporting Kids + Robotics + STEM

Encouraging children to develop a love of learning is one of the most important assets we can invest in as a country and as a community. While attending and participating in school is important for any child, it’s also important to offer extra-curricular activities that can further build upon a child’s interest in learning. Extra-curricular […] Read more ›

90 line-d, alignment system

Pinpoint Laser Systems Launches the New 90-Line-D

Pinpoint Laser Systems, a leading manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry, announces the launch of their latest laser alignment tool, the 90-Line-D. The 90-Line-D is Pinpoint’s newest innovation for aligning and checking planer squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery, and equipment. No fuss, easy set-up, and fast precise results every time […] Read more ›

pinpoint laser systems

Pinpoint Turns 25!

Since its inception in 1992, by founder Mory Creighton, Pinpoint Laser Systems has worked tirelessly to engineer and introduce innovative laser alignment and measurement solutions into the industrial marketplace. A quarter century later, Pinpoint’s products can be found in factories, big and small, across the United States and throughout the world. After 25 years in […] Read more ›

pinpoint laser systems' microgage pro stand

Microgage PRO-duct Enhancement

At Pinpoint Laser Systems, we pride ourselves on engineering some of the most capable laser alignment and measurement systems available. Even after introducing a system or accessory product into the market, we continue to research and develop improvements to further enhance our product line. The most recent product enhancement to come out of our Engineering […] Read more ›

pinpoint custom alignment fabrication

Putting the Custom in Customer Service

We often receive inquiries from companies who are looking for help in developing a custom solution for a particular application. These inquiries come from both existing customers looking to perform additional duties with their Pinpoint systems and new companies looking to improve their manufacturing efficiency for the first time. We take pride in helping companies […] Read more ›

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