Electronics industry.

Laser Alignment for Electronics

Installation & alignment of electronics & robotic systems.

As the electronics industry has evolved over the past one and a half decades, Pinpoint laser alignment products have been there on the manufacturing front – assisting on the placement of equipment, checking the alignment of critical moving assemblies and aiding the installation of robotic transfer equipment.

Pick and place equipment, robotic systems and process equipment such as ovens and treatment lines have all been aligned using Pinpoint’s Laser Microgage and precision laser alignment products. The Laser Microgage 2D is a key tool used in the initial assembly of large semiconductor production equipment and also at the production site for installations and servicing.

Electronics Alignment Applications

  • Aligning robotic test equipment
  • Assembly & servicing of ion implanters
  • Checking runout on moving stages
  • Installing & checking robotic transfer equipment
  • Checking alignment of automated PCB & SMT insertion equipment
  • Aligning robotics for disk drives testing systems
  • Parallelism for guides and ways
  • Checking bed & gantry travel
  • Straightness alignment for transfer equipment
  • Measuring runout & equipment linearity
  • Checking equipment squareness

Electronics Alignment Customers

  • Applied Materials
  • Analog Devices
  • American Semiconductor
  • Axcellis
  • Hitachi
  • Motorola
  • Nanovia Systems
  • Samsung
  • Unitrode
  • Varian Semiconductor Equipment

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