Spindle Data Routine

Data analysis and calculations for aligning spindles

How to Align Spindles With the Cylindrical Laser

A cylindrical laser, comes in a variety of models, is used to take these measurements. The laser transmitter is round and placed into a chuck or in the bore of the spindle so that the laser beam is projected along the rotational centerline of the machine. The Microgage receiver is secured to the tool holder, tailstock or mounted in the bore of an opposing spindle to catch the laser beam. Through a series of simple steps involving turning the laser transmitter and then turning the receiver, readings are taken that show if the spindles or the lathe head and tailstock are on centerline, and if they are parallel to one another and other alignment parameters from a few inches to 65 feet or more. Lathe alignment can be made over both short and long distances.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Set up laser transmitter and receiver at Distance A. (Nearest point on object to be measured).
  2. Check receiver at Distance B. (Furthest point on object to be measured).
  3. Un-zero receiver values if activated.
  4. Clear all data from the Microgage data registers on Capture™.
  5. Move the receiver to the first measurement position (Distance A).
  6. Input distance from the front of the laser to the front of the receiver in Annotation Field.
  7. Make sure that A is up on laser, and label is up on receiver and hit Record Data on spreadsheet.
  8. Rotate laser so that D is up and hit Record Data on spreadsheet.
  9. Rotate receiver so that Label is down and hit Record Data on spreadsheet.
  10. Rotate laser so that A is up and hit Record Data on spreadsheet.
  11. Move the receiver to the second measurement position (Distance B).
  12. Repeat steps 6-10 at Distance B.
spindle alignment with laser, laser alignment spindles
If possible, Distance 2 should be the maximum distance from the spindle. Distance 1 should be one half of that distance. (ex. Distance 2 is 6' from spindle, then Distance 1 should be 3'). If possible, the minimum distance of the receiver from the spindle should be 30".
spindle alignment, laser system for spindle alignment

Typical Spindle Alignment Applications

  • Align lathes and turning centers
  • Position and adjust opposing spindles
  • Align boring equipment
  • Monitor and adjust machine tools
  • Align bearings and shaft supports
  • Align bar feeder
  • Plus many other applications

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