4-Axis Precision Mount

About the 4-Axis Precision Mount

This popular accessory moves the Microgage Laser in four axes; vertical and horizontal, as well as two angular axes, pitch and yaw to simplify machinery and equipment alignment tasks. The laser beam can be positioned to within 0.0001 inch and is ideal for checking machinery travel, precision bore alignment, straightness of fixtures and assemblies and much more.

Two precision controls adjust the position of the laser up and down, as well as left and right. Two additional adjustments are for angular adjustments of pitch and yaw. The mount is easily attached to a tripod or bolted to a machine, allowing for tight laser positioning control over distances up to 150 feet. This mount can be used to for checking machinery and demanding alignment tasks.

4-Axis Precision Mount Details

  • Vertical range = ± 0.30”
  • Pitch angle range = ± 0.75º
  • Horizontal range = ± 0.60”
  • Yaw angle range = ± 1.5º
  • Mounting = 1/4–20 . thru-hole
  • Weights just 7 pounds
  • Made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Positioning laser for roll alignment
  • Adjusting laser for bore alignment
  • Precision machine tool alignment
  • Checking runout straightness
  • Leveling machinery and equipment

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