90-Line-D Right Angle

About the 90-Line-D

The 90-Line-D is fully compatible with Pinpoint’s Microgage line and works well with a variety of laser receivers, mounts, and software options for the Microgage PRO Smart Display and Capture™ software products.

A highly accurate penta-prism, for bending the laser precisely 90° redirects and incoming laser beam to a new “square” laser reference line. Rotating the front nosepiece of the 90-Line-D this laser reference line forms a laser plane for additional alignment and measurements. A fine adjust feature is included to help direct the laser beam exactly where needed. A built-in receiver monitors the incoming laser beam and actively corrects for any misalignments.

90-Line-D Details

  • Precise right angles to 0.0006°
  • Large input port for easy use
  • Precision rotation adjustment and lock
  • Quality components provide years of use
  • Built in receiver to improve accurancy
  • Works in all orientations
  • Square machinery and equipment
  • Set and adjust parallel tracks and rails
  • Align web rollers, idlers, and reels
  • Precision flatness/planer checking
  • Check gantry travel and position
  • Monitor and adjust machine tools
  • Factory surveying and millwright work

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