On/Off Magnetic Mount

About the On/Off Magnetic Mount

The On/Off Magnetic Mount Assembly is a standard component in the Microgage kits and ideally suited for supporting the Microgage receiver, 90-Line, and other accessories. The mount also includes a fixed base for added versatility. The magnetic mount is made of aluminum components that are anodized and stainless steel, threaded rods, and designed for years of durable use on your factory floor. It will fit onto a variety of machine tools and equipment and is very practical. The mount can also be used to support 90 lines and other laser Microgage accessories, particularly in small places.

On/Off Magnetic Mount Details

  • Durable, stainless steel componentsWeighs just over 3 pounds
  • Vertical range = ± 4.50”
  • Horizontal range = ± 5.00” (with included adjustable arm)
  • Magnetic mounting plate to allows for a quick and secure attachment to most metal surfaces
  • Straightness and linear measurement
  • Perpendicularity measurements Parallelism
  • Machine leveling
  • Flatness and planar
  • Runout measurements
  • Precision angular alignment
  • Gantry alignment
  • Roll alignment

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