Microgage 4-Axis Receiver

About the Microgage 4-Axis Receiver

The Microgage 4-Axis Receiver delivers useful alignment information for checking industrial machinery and equipment. A laser reference beam defines a centerline and the 4-Axis Receiver provides a precise measurement for the left/right and up/down position of the receiver. In addition to these two linear axes, the receiver also provides the angular components (pitch and yaw). All four readings are shown in real time on the Microgage Display. The linear measurements are very useful for showing runout and centerline errors while the pitch and yaw readings help identify parallelism and rotational misalignments. The Microgage 4-Axis receiver is ideal for checking lathes, spindles, moving stages and slides, reciprocating machinery, milling machines, rams and pistons, injection molding machinery and more.

4-Axis Receiver Details

  • Precision of 0.0001 inch and 0.002°
  • Operates in any orientation or position
  • Mounting points for easy attachment
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal calibration
  • Solid, machined aluminum housing
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Also available in a wireless version
  • Lathe and machine alignment
  • Bore and shaft alignment
  • Checking stage and slide travel
  • Aligning injection molding machines
  • Adjusting extruder screws and barrels
  • Checking CNC milling equipment

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