Proline Laser Kit, a Pinpoint Laser Systems product.

Pro-Line Laser Kit

Precision visual alignment laser for installing and checking equipment.

The Pinpoint Pro-Line Laser Kit combines the features of a transit, an infinitely long straightedge and a laser alignment system all in one compact, portable and versatile design. Precision laser alignment for production, maintenance and plant engineering projects, both large and small, has never been so easy. The Pro-Line Laser produces a crisp, collimated laser reference beam that forms a bulls-eye pattern for easy visual alignment and measuring. A finely ruled target and magnetic base are easily moved around for checking alignments, allowing one person to do the work of several. A growing line of versatile targets, mounts and attachments further expands the capabilities for this kit.

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How It Works

This innovative Pro-Line Laser is enclosed within a precision machined housing, insuring that the laser reference beam is parallel to the side and base surfaces within 0.002 degree, or

The Pro-Line Alignment Kit is a versatile, inexpensive visual alignment tool that will provide you with the accuracy that you need to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, and it will save you time and money. This visual laser system is used for checking and measuring squareness, flatness, straightness, parallelism and perpendicular measurements.

The Pro-Line is calibrated to the unique method that is used on all of our Microgage Products. The Pro-Line, along with all Pinpoint Laser Systems products, are of a well-built quality that is unsurpassed. All Pinpoint products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Proline Laser
  • Leveling Base
  • Right Angle Attachment
  • Adjustable Target Base
  • Magnetic Target Base

  • Scale
  • Operations Manual
  • Standard Batteries
  • Carrying case
  • 1 year warranty

Common Configuration

The Pro-Line Laser Standard Kit provides a basic measuring system for industrial alignment.

Pro-Line Laser Standard Kit by Pinpoint Laser Systems.



  • Production Machinery
  • Long Shaft Runs
  • Pressing Tools
  • Actuators and Robot systems
  • Belts and pulleys


  • Conveyor Alignment
  • Assembly Systems
  • Slide and Table Run-out


  • Large Machine Beds
  • Gantry Placement
  • Shafts
  • Bearings & Gearboxes
  • Large Fixture Assemblies


  • Rail & Surface Flatness
  • Deflections of Parts
  • and much more…



  • Alignment and Checking Launch Tracks
  • ALigning Rocket Sub-Assemblies
  • Aligning Radar Tracking Systems


  • Profiling Wing Surfaces
  • Engine Mount Alignment and Positioning
  • Landing Gear Alignment


  • Conveyor Belt Alignment
  • Checking Runout on Moving Stages
  • Installing and Checking Robotic Transfer Equipment

Machine Tool

  • Installing New Machinery and Sub-Assemblies
  • Aligning Press Platens
  • Checking Indexing and Transport Systems
  • Positioning Edge Guides and Stops


  • Machine Installations
  • Adjusting Presses, Shears and Indexers
  • Aligning Conveyors and Transport Systems
  • Checking Belt and Drive Chain Alignment


  • Aligning Patient Tables
  • Positioning Scanner Assemblies and Rings
  • Forming Alignment Lines for Patient Positioning

Rubber & Plastics

  • Aligning Conveyor Systems
  • Adjusting Stamping Presses and Indexers
  • Checking Injection Molding Machines
  • Platen-to-Platen Parallelism

Pulp & Paper

  • Roll Alignment
  • Headbox Adjustments
  • Pump and Shaft Alignment
  • Web and Screen Checks


  • Aligning Engine Mounts and Reduction Gearboxes
  • Layout of Bulkheads and Internal Frames
  • Adjusting Stern Tubes, Struts and Cutlass Bearings

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