Microgage 2D Advantages

Advantages & benefits of Pinpoint Laser's Microgage 2D system

2D Laser Alignment SystemSetting the standard for portable measuring tools is the 2D laser alignment system. The user-friendly, Microgage 2D has an accuracy of 0.0001 inch to 150 feet (46 meters) making geometric alignment quicker and far more within your reach than its ever been.


All Microgage 2D units ship with our portable flip top display

  • Flexible, color coded display with multi-function keypad
  • Easy software interaction – plays nice with a number of receivers and accessories
  • Sturdy base with easy grip solid aluminum
  • Highly accurate alignment data captured in real-time
  • Battery operated (rechargeable and alkaline)


Major advantages of the Microgage 2D

  • Intuitive system even for those without laser alignment experience
  • Allows for movement freedom and stays charged for over 30 hours
  • Simplifies and streamlines the alignment process
  • Pre-configured software updates
  • Custom features and accessories available

Capture™ Software

Amplify your alignment data

  • Closes the loop between your alignment project and your workflow
  • Precision computer interface and software options
  • Windows based software provides multiple viewer formats for users to better understand laser Microgage readings
  • Pre-configured spreadsheets for continued analysis and operations


The Microgage 2D is designed for durability and real-life applications and needs

  • Enhanced ergonomics with hard shell carrying case and storage pockets
  • Powerful, portability & high resolution in actual operating conditions
  • Scalable- start with only what you need and add options only when needed
  • Wide selection of mounts and fixtures
  • Made in the USA


Capable of measuring the laser transmitter’s beam in even the most cumbersome places

  • 2-axis or 4-axis measurement per receiver
  • Alignment data provided in real-time
  • Handles up to four versatile receivers
  • Operates over long working ranges

Microgage 2D – A More Productive Way to Align and Measure

The Pinpoint 2D laser alignment system fills in the gap between the current way your team performs alignment and measurement services and how you would like to be aligning and measuring equipment. Shifting from tape measures, laser interferometers and piano wire is much simpler than it seems.

The Microgage 2D gets alignment data to you fast and friendly. Capable of specific tasks such as machinery leveling and lathe & spindle alignment or broad alignment need like parallelism measurements, your work becomes much easier. With a more manageable workload and the boost in team efficiency, you’re free to tackle the more complex sides of your job.

Need an alignment tool that will grow with your company? An investment in the 2D laser measurement system works short-term and long-term as it was built with application flexibility and industrial versatility in mind. Use the alignment system as your team needs now and upgrade when your needs change.

Take advantage of Pinpoint customization services and tell us how we can make an alignment system and accessories that will accommodate the needs of your workers.

Measuring precise geometric parameters is within your reach and within your price range. Contact us today to learn more about your laser alignment options.

  • What our customers say

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to complete my alignment and release the machine to production yesterday as planned. Without your help, we would be rescheduling the alignment and probably had major issues running production until that happened. Thanks again!

    Joe Gentile — PCI Services

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