Microgage 2D Universal Kit

Assembly line and machinery alignment kit - Checks many geometries: Straightness, flatness, squareness & level.

Pinpoint Microgage 2D Universal Laser Alignment KitIf your team is up against approaching deadlines like measuring machinery deflections and locating gantry rails, the Microgage 2D Universal Kit is the multi-tool for you. This portable measurement kit is essential for being prepared for anything that comes up on the production floor. Quick fixes or long-term alignment projects are easily addressed with the kit that will make your team ooze with confidence.

Pinpoint Microgage 2D Universal Laser Alignment Kit

2D Universal Kit

  • Microgage 2D Standard Kit
  • Leveler Rotational Mount
  • 90-Line Right Angle
  • Precision Tripod Mount
  • Magnetic On/Off Mount
  • Computer Interface and Software

Simple alignment checks or more complex needs are often unknowns until you are able to examine the problem. The Microgage 2D Universal Alignment Kit is the Boy Scout approved answer for alignment preparation. This measurement kit goes beyond the Standard Laser Alignment Kit and brings a whole new level of versatility to your precision measurements. The computer interface is user-friendly, the mounts customizable for easy laser access and other accessories allow for better checking straightness, flatness, squareness and level.

Additionally, the kit includes the 90 Line Right Angle, adding the ability to check precise parallelisms to the laser alignment system. This kit also includes enhanced capabilities of checking perpendicularity, table runout, offsets, angular misalignments, and planar surfaces.

Included with all kits

Every kit we offer includes these standard accessories and support packages.

Operations Manual

Details for setup & use provided in a booklet & on the Smart Display.

Adjustable Mount

Standard on/off magnetic mount for transmitter or receiver.

Carrying Case

Heavy-duty, durable case with protective foam inserts.

Product Support

Expert support from Pinpoint’s qualified, experienced engineers.

1-Year Warranty

Repair & replacement warranty for one year from date of purchase.

Adding various precision alignment accessories and attachments expands the capabilities of the Microgage 2D kits to address virtually any industrial measuring and alignment application.

  • What our customers say

    Thanks for the quick response. I was able to complete my alignment and release the machine to production yesterday as planned. Without your help, we would be rescheduling the alignment and probably had major issues running production until that happened. Thanks again!

    Joe Gentile — PCI Services

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