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Here is our generic ROI calculator for analyzing your downtime costs. To receive specific ROI calculations for your industry, please call us: 1-800-757-5383 or email Calculations are based on actual customer data based on internal reporting. Currency listed is only in USD.

Manufacturing Incident Estimated Cost

ROI Calculator 1 - Labor Downtime

Labor Downtime

ROI Calculator 2 - Overtime Costs

Overtime Costs

ROI Calculator 3 - Equipment Downtime

Equipment Downtime

ROI Calculator 4 - Lost Material/Scrap Costs

Lost Material/Scrap Costs

ROI Calculator 5 - Delayed Customer Delivery

Delayed Customer Delivery



per incident

ROI Calculator 6 - Incidents per Year

per year


per month



* This estimate is based on our experience with a wide variety of customers from many different industries who have purchased Pinpoint Laser Alignment Systems. This is only an estimate. Your ROI may vary.

Are you losing money?

To maximize profits, every company wants to perform at maximum capacity at all times, but when the unexpected happens, many expenses are involved. When something isn’t fully utilized, the company loses money. In as little time as 1 ½ hours per week, companies can lose thousands & hundreds of thousands of dollars – large corporations close to or above 7 figures!

Downtime Costs

Factories lose at least 5% of productivity from downtime – many lose up to 20%. Downtime tangible costs: lost capacity, lost production, direct labor etc. Downtime intangible cost: stress.

Scrap Costs

Production inefficiency often leads to scrap or product rework that costs time, money and possibly your reputation. With the pressure of today’s just-in-time cycles, manufacturing errors and inefficiencies can become greatly magnified & eat profit margins.

Additional Costs

Is your misalignment causing equipment to run at lower speeds? Is your product yield lower due to misalignment? Are you sitting around waiting for an outside service to fix your machines? It all results in a punctured reputation & lost customer loyalty – that leads to lost sales.

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