90-Line-T Right Angle

About the Enhanced 90-Line-T Right Angle

This is a versatile accessory for checking squareness and parallelism on machinery and equipment. The 90-Line-T redirects the Microgage laser beam by precisely 90° for squaring machinery, adjusting machine tools, positioning slides, and checking gantries. Unlike our traditional 90-Line. The 90-Line-T has the laser enter from the back of the 90-line so the face of the 90-Line can be positioned closer to the alignment process. In addition to these squaring applications, the 90-Line creates precise parallel lines for checking roller alignment, tracks, and mechanical guides.

The 90-Line-T is built with a durable, compact housing that allows the square exiting beam to be turned through a full rotation to create a square reference plane. The exiting laser is square to the incoming beam within 0.0006°, equivalent to 0.001 in.

90-Line-T Right Angle Details

  • Precise right angles to 0.0006°
  • Rear input port for flush placement
  • Precision rotation adjustment and lock
  • Quality components provide years of use
  • 1/4–20 mounting holes in the housing
  • Works in all orientations
  • Square machinery and equipment
  • Set and adjust parallel tracks and rails
  • Check rim and flange flatness
  • Check gantry travel and position
  • Monitor and adjust machine tools
  • Factory surveying and millwright work

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