Roller Mounting Plate

About the Roller Mounting Plate

The Roller Mounting Plate supports the Laser Microgage receiver on a roll surface for measurements of parallelism, crowning, position, and other functions. This mount is adjustable to accommodate rolls of differing diameters, and the plate will always sit on the roll so that its edges are parallel with the roll axis. A variety of feet are available and a strap can be added to hold the Roll Mounting Plate to the roll surface.

The Microgage receiver is supported on a standard mounting post for easy height adjustments. A rotational collar allows the receiver to move freely around its mounting post when catching the laser reference beam from various positions.

Roller Mounting Plate

Roller Mounting Plate Details

  • Weighs just over 1 pound
  • Vertical range = ± 4.50”
  • Adjustable mounting plate to allow a secure attachment to most rolls
  • Stainless and delrin contact rails
  • Equipped with a TITANSTRAP ® for quick and secure mounting
  • Mounting receiver to roll and shafts
  • Aligning idlers and nip rolls
  • Conveyor and transport alignment
  • Verifying roll parallelism
  • Propeller and shaft alignment
  • Aligning form rolls
Roller Mounting Plate Drawing

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