Alignment Tip #1:  Squaring Up That Receiver

Your Microgage receivers do not have to be absolutely square to the incoming laser beam to work correctly. In fact, the receiver can be tilted or twisted up several degrees, left and right or up and down, and will still provide an accurate measurement for you.

One quick tip that we use all the time for squaring up the receiver to the incoming beam is to watch the direction of the laser beam that is reflected off the front of the receiver. Your receiver has a front window with some reflective properties and a portion of the incoming laser beam will be reflected back away from the receiver.

When the laser and receiver are within about 15 feet of each other you are likely to see several red reflections coming back to the laser. If you twist the receiver, or the laser, so that these reflected spots land on the front of the laser, right around the exit port, you can be sure that the receiver is square to the incoming laser beam.

We hope this quick tip saves you time and improves your measurements.

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