Alignment Tip #2: Is There Enough Signal?

Users often ask us about the signal strength indicator on their Laser Microgage products. If you are using a Laser Microgage system, the signal strength indicator is a convenience that tells you that the laser beam is still being recorded by the receiver.

If the signal strength drops below 20% you should look for ways to improve this strength. For example you could realign the detector to the laser beam, or perhaps the protective window on the laser or the receiver has become dirty and needs to be cleaned.

The signal strength indicator is helpful when the receiver is used in an application where it is hidden, for example profiling the interior of long bore tubes or extruder barrels. In general with the Laser Microgage 2D system, the signal strength indicator is a useful guide.

If you are an owner of a single axis Laser Microgage 2000 system, the signal strength indicator is more important for your work. The single axis receiver will provide plenty of range for the laser beam to move in the measuring axis, typically 1 inch or more. However, the laser beam must remain on the detector element which is considerably narrower than the overall length of the detector.

If the laser beam moves off the side of the detector element, you will see a corresponding drop in signal. With this product the signal strength indicator is important and gives you an indication that the beam from the laser may be walking off the edge of the active detector element. A good rule of thumb is to keep the signal strength above 25% at all times.

We hope that this quick tip about signal strength is helpful for your applications and improves your measurements.

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