Alignment Tip #3: What About All That Averaging?

Have you worked with measuring systems before where the numbers seem to change too fast and you can’t write them down? Or maybe, those measurement readings change quickly and you’re trying to average the values in your head and guess at the correct value.

The Pinpoint Laser Microgage products have an on-board averaging capability that you can adjust to suit your needs. This averaging capability can be changed by pressing the FUNCTION key and then scrolling down until you see the option for averaging. On the Laser Microgage 2000 display, the value that is shown is the number of readings that are averaged for each value that is displayed, for example 10, 25, 50… readings.

On the Laser Microgage 2D system the averaging value corresponds to the time in seconds between each updated reading. For example, a 1.5 setting means that the displayed values will update once every 1.5 seconds. This averaging can be changed to virtually any setting for example 0.1 for a fast 10 readings a second or 60 for a slower display update every minute.

This ability to average your output readings is very helpful in certain measuring applications. If the laser beam is traveling a long distance it may be influenced by air currents so that the readings on your display will tend to change around the actual reading.

For example, if your actual measured value is 0.100 inch, you may see short term readings that change through a range of +/- 0.005 inch if you are on a faster display or lower averaging setting. By increasing the averaging, and thus slowing down the update of the display, you are letting the Microgage averaged those readings to give you the correct answer for your measurement.

This is helpful in taking the guesswork out of watching numbers roll by and trying to manually average the values that you are seeing.

We hope that this tip is helpful for you and your Laser Microgage applications.

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