Over the years, Pinpoint Laser Systems has made a dedicated effort to be an efficient manufacturer while at the same time reducing our impact on the environment.

Over the course of 2021 to mid-2022 Pinpoint has had the opportunity to expand and update the facility and production floor of our Peabody headquarters. Between recent growth within Pinpoint Laser Systems and our direct neighbor’s company downsizing, we were fortunate enough to be able to take full advantage of this perfect combination of events and acquire additional office space next to us. Our new office expansion is now complete and below are some pictures of our new working space.

Company-wide Efforts

These efforts have a number of benefits for our company, our country and the world at large:

  • Saving money and operational costs,
  • Reducing fuel and resource usage,
  • Reducing our dependence on foreign energy,
  • Minimizing environmental impacts both directly and indirectly.

Here are some effective changes we have made that could be useful for your company.

Pin Point Laser System Green Company Logo.

Buy Local

Pinpoint works with a wide variety of local suppliers for machining parts, fabricating circuit boards, grinding precision optics, printing labels, and other manufacturing activities.  Relying on local vendors reduces transportation costs and their impact on the environment.  We also support the local economy.

On-Line Demo Area

Online Sales & Support

Our engineering support and sales teams rely heavily on video demonstrations using our company studio and online software. We still come out to visit customers and provide engineering support, but this greatly reduces the expense, time, and fuel required for travel.

Efficient Desktop

Efficient Workstations & Office Equipment

We make an effort to purchase efficient, high quality computers and office equipment, which reduces our energy costs for both operating equipment and cooling our facility in the warm summer months. Monitors shut down automatically to reduce energy usage.



Factory Insulation – Closed Cell Foam

The walls and ceiling of our production facility have been covered in a closed cell, insulating foam. This foam dramatically reduces our heating and cooling costs and smooths the rapid transitions in temperature for our employees and the manufacturing process.  In addition, the foam has very good sound deadening properties, which makes the workplace more enjoyable for all.

Cooling System

Efficient Heating / Cooling & Air Handling Systems

Our factory area is heated with modern, energy efficient, gas heating systems. These heaters are maintained on a regular basis to make sure that they are running efficiently.  We do not have air conditioning on the manufacturing floor, but have found that the well-insulated facility combined with our air handling systems, bringing in cool air in the evening hours makes the workplace enjoyable throughout the warm summer for all but the few hot and overly humid days.  The office, engineering spaces, and alignment labs have air conditioning in the summer months, which is provided by high-efficiency, circulating, air handling and cooling system.


Temperature Control

Throughout the facility we use programmable thermostats to control the rate and time of heating and cooling. This provides significant cost savings and reduces the company’s consumption of electricity and fuel throughout the year.


LED Factory Lighting

The electricity used for factory lighting has been reduced by using high-efficiency LED lighting.  This is an example of a lighting fixture with an initial higher cost, than traditional fluorescent units, but the energy-savings in the first 12 to 14 months has paid back for the initial expense of the fixtures and installation.  These lights are bright, must be mounted at least 12 feet above the floor, and provide excellent illumination for precision assembly and production.  These lights operate with less external heat which is helpful during the summer months.

Work space

LED Lighting In Alignment Spaces

Our manufacturing process relies on precision optical alignment  which is performed in several thermally controlled alignment areas. These spaces are lit with modern, LED lighting.  This allows our technicians to dim the lights when needed and reduces the electricity costs for these work areas. Furthermore, the LED lighting creates little excess heat making it easier to maintain precise temperature control in these key work areas.


Re-usable Battery Charging

Pinpoint’s laser and measuring products are all designed to work with batteries and consequently, our production activities, testing, and calibration all use small batteries. Throughout the process we use recyclable batteries and charge these on a regular basis. This provides great cost savings for our manufacturing group and lowers the number of used batteries that must be thrown away and absorbed in the environment.


Battery Recycling Program

Finished batteries from our manufacturing process and dead batteries that come back with from customer sites with units to be serviced are saved and recycled.  Batteries can often be recycled at your town recycling center or trash collection area. Keeping these old batteries out of the landfill has a great environmental benefit to all of us.

Boxes with Foam

Recycling Shipping Materials

Many shipments arrive here at Pinpoint Laser Systems and packaging materials are saved and recycled for shipments out to vendors and also to our customers. In some cases we put a note in the package to customers informing them that we are recycling packing material and encouraging them to do the same. Cardboard boxes and packaging that is no longer useful gets bundled up and recycled whenever possible.

Production Facility Efforts

In 2008, Pinpoint Laser Systems outgrew its existing manufacturing space and moved to a larger facility in Peabody, Massachusetts.  At this time we made a conscientious effort to make this new facility as energy and operationally efficient as possible. Some of these capital costs were costly at the time of installation but we have seen rapid payback on these investments in the first year to 18 months of operation.

Green Facility Benefits

We have learned from many people and companies along the way and hope that this information is useful for you and your colleagues. Implementing small changes in your business and manufacturing process will help you in a number of ways;

  • Lower your energy costs and operating expenses,
  • Reduce your need for resources and pollution pushed back into the environment,
  • Minimize our dependence on foreign energy and resources,
  • Set a good example for other U.S. companies and organizations.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions for improving efficiency.   Thank you for doing your part to improve our environment!

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