2 Reasons Your Team Should Upgrade to a PRO System

Microgage PRO Overview.If your team is looking for a faster, more versatile way to align your equipment, you need to consider upgrading to a Microgage PRO Alignment System. Pinpoint Laser Systems has two simple reasons why the PRO should be your go-to laser alignment tool:

  • The Smart Display
  • Wireless technology

Using the Smart Display and eliminating lengthy wires, your team will gain a more agile, streamlined alignment process.


For versatile measuring, the Microgage PRO offers a touchscreen Smart Display – complete with a multi-colored data readout. Because the digital data is easy to see and access, the operator’s time can be spent storing notes and measurement readings instead of fighting with the display. The microprocessor stores thousands of notes and alignment data without having to perform multiple downloads.

Pinpoint’s Smart Display has standard built-in measurement routines that collect your readings, compute key actionable results, plot readings, and help guide your alignment projects. Alignment data can also be collected using a laptop computer running Pinpoint Laser Systems’ proprietary Capture™ software. Capture™ easily stores data and creates spreadsheets for data reduction and reporting.


Getting the answers your team needs isn’t the only thing the PRO system provides. Portability is practical and fits in your hands with the wireless options. Depending on the complexities or size of your alignment project, your team may need wireless receivers.

The wireless receiver runs on two AAA batteries and is built into a durable, solid aluminum housing with high-quality internal components for years of reliable service in industrial environments. Wireless is the best option when working around large and complex equipment to keep you from having to interrupt your alignment process to adjust and detangle wires. Now you can focus on aligning components up to 180 feet and making precision measurements as small as .0001 inch (2.5 microns).

It’s not enough for us to tell you that the Microgage PRO systems are the next generation of laser alignment, we want to show you why the PRO is unparalleled in its class. Schedule a hassle-free, no commitment Application Discussion today to see a PRO alignment system in action. Call our alignment specialists at 800-757-5383 or email info@pinpointlaser.com.

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