Laser Alignment

pinpoint microgage 2D laser alignment system

Versatile Alignment Tool Improves Manufacturing Efficiency

Pinpoint Laser System’ unique 2-dimensional Microgage is designed for precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other demanding industrial applications. Roll and web lines, CNC cutting and milling equipment, lathes, stamping presses, injection molding machines, extrusion systems and other production equipment are easily checked and aligned for improved operating efficiency and reduced downtime. The Microgage 2D […] Read more ›

Laser Alignment Gantry Kit

How to Solve the Toughest Gantry Alignment Problems for Less

 If you work in manufacturing, chances are you have worked with a gantry system. Gantries, their X-Y tables and bridges are pivotal for working with positioning parts and tools. In addition to working with large and small components, gantry machines make the work of cutting materials into intricate shapes and patterns far easier than their […] Read more ›

gantry alignment, gantry alignment system

A Gantry Alignment Overview

Discover the right way to measure gantry systems without wasting time and resources. Positioning systems are used in manufacturing plants to create household items, move important components, to connect continuous machinery and more. The gantry systems, Cartesian robots to some, are a fascinating unit of automated production lines, since gantry stations control parts of the […] Read more ›

90 Line D Alignment

New Product Spotlight: Pinpoint 90-Line-D

Pinpoint is Rolling Out a 90-Degree Field of View for Your Alignment Projects The 90-Line-D is Pinpoint’s newest innovation for aligning and checking planer squareness and parallelism on assemblies, machinery and equipment. There’s no fuss adding this custom-built accessory to your Microgage laser alignment system. The precision alignment results will make your alignment projects run […] Read more ›

Roll Alignment System

“Stop The Press!” and Check Your Anxiety Levels

This Month’s Featured Solution: Roll Alignment The sound of management pulling the plug on a roll, web or converting line has flooded many a vein with ice water. Very little good news comes from machine downtime. However, issues with conveyor belt systems are too costly to ignore. Often, a roll assembly is out of alignment […] Read more ›

earth's magnetic field

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Alignment

Alignment can feel like just another task. Take a break from the ordinary and see 6 interesting things about alignment that you probably didn’t know.   1.) Animals are concerned with alignment too. From amphibians to mammals, Magneto-reception is found in many animals. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, cows prefer to align their bodies […] Read more ›

Make it happen

Pinpoint Laser Systems is there when Schmitt happens

Have you met Joseph Schmitt? He’s married with two grown kids and lives in a nice house in a nice town. He and his wife spend Thursday night watching their shows and Saturdays at the local cinema. Joe’s friends and co-workers call him Schmitt and so does his boss – why? Well, they’re normal, straightforward […] Read more ›

Laser Bore Alignment Systems that Simplify Your Work

  If bore alignment feels closer to hog tying than checking up, down, left and right, this information is for you no matter what your job or industry. Even our most prominent clients in fields such as ion implantation and robotics struggle with finding the tightest tolerance needed. A task as simple as keeping extruder […] Read more ›

About Pinpoint Laser Systems

How In-House Laser Alignment Can Minimize Downtime

When production stops because a machine is out of alignment it’s like pouring money down the drain. Calculating the cost of downtime can be very difficult, but it’s something that every manufacturing plant needs to know how to do. Almost every factory loses 5% of its productivity from downtime and many can lose up to […] Read more ›

How Laser Alignment Tools Can Save You Money

In a manufacturing environment, production equipment needs to run smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, unwanted stoppages and machinery downtime is almost always inevitable and can be costly in many ways. That’s why it’s advantageous to minimize downtime as much as possible by investing in tools designed for early detection and prevention of unwanted production issues. Poor […] Read more ›

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