Bore and Shaft Alignment

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New Product Announcement: PRO Bore Receiver

Pinpoint is announcing its newest accessory, the Microgage PRO Bore Receiver. It is an innovative solution for precisely measuring the straightness of a tube or bore. The Bore Receiver was developed to meet the demands of our industrial customers, many of whom utilize manufacturing equipment with precision bores that require flexible, precise bore alignment to […] Read more ›

Microgage PRO Bore Alignment Kit

Journey to the Center of a Bore – Pinpoint’s New Bore Alignment Kit

That’s one of the areas bore alignment concerns – finding and measuring center. Applications for laser bore alignment systems include bore straightness checks on individual components, boring-bar bearing alignment, crank-shaft bore alignment, extruder barrel alignment, tail-rotor bearing alignment on helicopters, bar-turning machines, stern tubes in ship building, aluminum can making machinery and hinge-line alignment for commercial […] Read more ›

Roll Alignment System

“Stop The Press!” and Check Your Anxiety Levels

This Month’s Featured Solution: Roll Alignment The sound of management pulling the plug on a roll, web or converting line has flooded many a vein with ice water. Very little good news comes from machine downtime. However, issues with conveyor belt systems are too costly to ignore. Often, a roll assembly is out of alignment […] Read more ›

Laser Bore Alignment Systems that Simplify Your Work

  If bore alignment feels closer to hog tying than checking up, down, left and right, this information is for you no matter what your job or industry. Even our most prominent clients in fields such as ion implantation and robotics struggle with finding the tightest tolerance needed. A task as simple as keeping extruder […] Read more ›

Gauging Level and Flat Using Laser Alignment Tools

The terms “level” and “flat” are used interchangeably and, in some cases, assumed to mean the same thing.  In fact, they are different, but both can be measured using laser alignment tools. Flat or flatness refers to the topography, curvature or smoothness of a surface or machine.  Sometimes engineers use the term “planer” when talking […] Read more ›

Checking Your Machine Tools For Wear With a Laser Alignment System

Lathes, milling machines, jig borers, grinding machines, and other machine tools all have moving slides or tables that experience wear.  Power failures, programming errors, and failing parts can result in machine tool failures and excessive damage to slides and ways when parts of the machine collide.  Checking your machine tools for excessive wear and damage […] Read more ›

What Alignment Problem Can We Help You Solve?

Recently, Pinpoint Laser Systems developed two new Laser Microgage mounts that can accommodate bore diameters as large as 3 feet and as small as 2 ½ inches for a large shipyard installing drive shafts.  The Laser Microgage projects a visible reference beam that extends out to 180 feet and is accurate to within 0.0005 inch […] Read more ›

Aligning Spindles, Chucks, Tool Holders, and Tailstocks with a Laser

Rotating machinery works best, runs more efficiently, and produces better quality parts if it is properly aligned. Frequently, we hear from customers that are voicing concerns about lathes where the chuck or collet is not in alignment with the tailstock or the tool holder and the cut parts are tapered. Sometimes, the tool moves in […] Read more ›

Bucking In

Bucking In or Do the Math?

When using a laser alignment system to check a machine or sub-assembly for straightness, flatness, bore alignment and many other geometric parameters, we often need to normalize the laser reference beam to some designated locations on the surface being measured. The laser reference beam is very straight and true but may not be aligned to […] Read more ›

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